package store

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Type Members

  1. class DbFinalizedResponseStore extends FinalizedResponseStore with DbStore
  2. class DbMediatorDomainConfigurationStore extends MediatorDomainConfigurationStore with DbStore
  3. trait FinalizedResponseStore extends AutoCloseable

    Stores and retrieves finalized mediator response aggregations

  4. class InMemoryFinalizedResponseStore extends FinalizedResponseStore with NamedLogging
  5. class InMemoryMediatorDomainConfigurationStore extends MediatorDomainConfigurationStore
  6. final case class MediatorDomainConfiguration(initialKeyFingerprint: Fingerprint, domainId: DomainId, domainParameters: StaticDomainParameters, sequencerConnection: SequencerConnection) extends Product with Serializable
  7. trait MediatorDomainConfigurationStore extends AutoCloseable
  8. sealed trait MediatorDomainConfigurationStoreError extends AnyRef
  9. class MediatorState extends NamedLogging with FlagCloseable

    Provides state management for messages received by the mediator.

    Provides state management for messages received by the mediator. Non-finalized response aggregations are kept in memory, such that in case of the node shutting down, they are lost but the participants waiting for a transaction result will simply timeout. The finalized response aggregations are stored in the provided FinalizedResponseStore. It is expected that fetchPendingRequestIdsBefore operation is not called concurrently with operations to modify the pending requests.