package ethereum

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  1. case class BesuTxPoolNonceManager(conf: EthereumLedgerNodeConfig[AlreadyDeployed], loggerFactory: NamedLoggerFactory) extends NamedLogging with NonceManager with Product with Serializable

    Transaction manager for Besu networks.

    Transaction manager for Besu networks. Relies on the Besu API method txpool_besuPendingTransactions. The most important method is hydrate: it fetches the complete transaction pool and the number of accepted transactions so far. Based on that, it computes the next nonces which should be used.

    Whenever an Ethereum transaction fails for any reason, we hydrate the state of the transaction manager before returning a result to getNonce.

  2. class BesuTxpoolResponse extends Response[Array[LinkedHashMap[String, String]]]

    Class exposing utility methods for the response of a Besu client to API method txpool_besuPendingTransactions.

  3. sealed trait BlockProcessingError extends AnyRef
  4. case class EthereumBlockContents[E](blockHeight: BlockHeight, events: List[E]) extends Product with Serializable

    We frequently carry around events for a block.

    We frequently carry around events for a block. Type aliases provided in package.scala give names to common usages of event types.

  5. sealed trait EthereumBlockEvent extends AnyRef
  6. class EthereumLedgerConnection extends NamedLogging with AutoCloseable with HasDegradationState[Warn]
  7. class EthereumSequencer extends BaseSequencer with NamedLogging with FlagCloseable with NoTracing
  8. class LessBrokenQueuingTransactionReceiptProcessor extends QueuingTransactionReceiptProcessor

    Used as documented, the QueuingTransactionReceiptProcessor doesn't actually work...

    Used as documented, the QueuingTransactionReceiptProcessor doesn't actually work... (or any other deferred receipt processor for that matter) It hands back a transaction receipt with only the transaction hash and attempting to access any other field will cause a unsupported operation to be thrown. This is correct as it's not waiting for the transaction to actually be mined and the queuing processor will asynchronously notify a callback when it is. However... All of the execution transaction methods that are used by the codegen'ed Java contract wrappers such as Sequencer call isStatusOK on the transaction receipt causing everything to go booooom. To work around we wrap the receipt processor and make the isStatusOk getter on the returned transaction receipt a little less boomy.

  9. trait NonceManager extends Product with Serializable
  10. case class PendingTransaction(txHash: String, nonce: BigInteger) extends Product with Serializable
  11. class RawTransactionManagerWithNonceManager extends RawTransactionManager with NamedLogging

    Same as RawTransactionManager except 1.

    Same as RawTransactionManager except 1. that the nonces are managed by the given NonceManager 2. we signal to the nonce manager when a transaction fails during submission

  12. class Sequencer extends Contract

    Auto generated code.

    Auto generated code.

    Do not modify!

    Please use the web3j command line tools, or the org.web3j.codegen.SolidityFunctionWrapperGenerator in the codegen module to update.

    Generated with web3j version 1.4.1.


Value Members

  1. object BesuLedgerConnection

    Objects encapsulating those (API) methods only needed/available when interaction with a Besu Ethereum client.

  2. object BlockProcessingError
  3. object EnterpriseDatabaseSequencerFactory
  4. object EthereumBlockContents extends Serializable
  5. object EthereumBlockProcessingFlow

    Creates a flowable that will take blocks of unparsed ethereum events, fetch batches, parse out the events then finally update the state manager appropriately

  6. object EthereumErrors extends EthereumErrorGroup
  7. object EthereumLedgerConnection
  8. object EthereumLedgerEvent
  9. object EthereumSequencer