package health

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  1. package admin

Type Members

  1. trait HealthCheck extends AutoCloseable

    Check to determine a health check response

  2. sealed trait HealthCheckResult extends AnyRef

    Result of a health check

  3. class HealthServer extends FlagCloseableAsync with NamedLogging
  4. class IsActiveCheck extends HealthCheck

    For components that simply flag whether they are active or not, just return that.

  5. class PeriodicCheck extends HealthCheck with NamedLogging

    Rather than executing a check for every isHealthy call periodically run the check and cache the result, and return this cached value for isHealthy.

  6. class PingHealthCheck extends HealthCheck with NamedLogging

    Pings the supplied participant to determine health.

    Pings the supplied participant to determine health. Will be considered unhealthy if unable to resolve the ping service for the participant alias (likely due to startup and initialization). Ping success considered healthy, ping failure considered unhealthy. If the ping future fails (rather than completing successfully with a failure), it will be converted to a unhealthy response and the exception will be logged at DEBUG level.

  7. case class StaticHealthCheck(result: HealthCheckResult) extends HealthCheck with Product with Serializable

    Constant response for a health check (used by the always-healthy configuration)

  8. case class Unhealthy(message: String) extends HealthCheckResult with Product with Serializable

    The check deems something unhealthy

    The check deems something unhealthy


    User printable message describing why a unhealthy result was given

Value Members

  1. object HealthCheck
  2. object HealthServer
  3. object Healthy extends HealthCheckResult

    Everything that the check checks is healthy