package event

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Type Members

  1. case class AcsChange(activations: Map[LfContractId, WithContractHash[ContractMetadata]], deactivations: Map[LfContractId, WithContractHash[Set[LfPartyId]]]) extends Product with Serializable

    Represents a change to the ACS.

    Represents a change to the ACS. The deactivated contracts are accompanied by their stakeholders.

    Note that we include both the LfContractId (for uniqueness) and the LfHash (reflecting contract content).

  2. trait AcsChangeListener extends AnyRef

    Components that need to keep a running snapshot of ACS.

  3. class RecordOrderPublisher extends NamedLogging with FlagCloseableAsync

    Publishes upstream events and active contract set changes in the order of their record time.

    Publishes upstream events and active contract set changes in the order of their record time.

    The protocol processors emit events and active contract set changes in the result message order, which differs from the record time (= sequencing time) order. The RecordOrderPublisher pushes the events to store.SingleDimensionEventLog and the active contract set changes (including empty changes on time proofs) to the appropriate listener, which is normally pruning.AcsCommitmentProcessor. The events are published only after the com.digitalasset.canton.participant.protocol.submission.InFlightSubmissionTracker has observed the timestamp.

    All sequencer counters above initSc must eventually be signalled to the RecordOrderPublisher using tick. An event is published only when all sequencer counters between initSc and its associated sequencer counter have been signalled.

  4. case class RecordTime(timestamp: CantonTimestamp, tieBreaker: Long) extends PrettyPrinting with Product with Serializable

    Canton-internal record time

    Canton-internal record time


    ACS change timestamp


    ordering tie-breaker for changes that have the same timestamp (currently, happens only with repair requests)

Value Members

  1. object AcsChange extends Serializable
  2. object RecordOrderPublisher
  3. object RecordTime extends Serializable