Interface ActiveContractsServiceGrpc.AsyncService

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    public static interface ActiveContractsServiceGrpc.AsyncService
     Allows clients to initialize themselves according to a fairly recent state of the ledger without reading through all transactions that were committed since the ledger's creation.
     In V2 Ledger API this service is not available anymore. Use v2.StateService instead.
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        default void getActiveContracts​(ActiveContractsServiceOuterClass.GetActiveContractsRequest request,
                                        io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<ActiveContractsServiceOuterClass.GetActiveContractsResponse> responseObserver)
         Returns a stream of the snapshot of the active contracts at a ledger offset.
         If there are no active contracts, the stream returns a single response message with the offset at which the snapshot has been taken.
         Clients SHOULD use the offset in the last GetActiveContractsResponse message to continue streaming transactions with the transaction service.
         Clients SHOULD NOT assume that the set of active contracts they receive reflects the state at the ledger end.