Class LedgerIdentityServiceGrpc.LedgerIdentityServiceImplBase

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    LedgerIdentityServiceGrpc.AsyncService, io.grpc.BindableService
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    public abstract static class LedgerIdentityServiceGrpc.LedgerIdentityServiceImplBase
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements io.grpc.BindableService, LedgerIdentityServiceGrpc.AsyncService
    Base class for the server implementation of the service LedgerIdentityService.
     DEPRECATED: This service is now deprecated and ledger identity string is optional for all Ledger API requests.
     Allows clients to verify that the server they are communicating with exposes the ledger they wish to operate on.
     In V2 Ledger API this service is not available anymore.
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      • LedgerIdentityServiceImplBase

        public LedgerIdentityServiceImplBase()
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      • bindService

        public final io.grpc.ServerServiceDefinition bindService()
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        bindService in interface io.grpc.BindableService