Class LedgerOffsetOuterClass.LedgerOffset.Builder

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    LedgerOffsetOuterClass.LedgerOffsetOrBuilder,,,,, java.lang.Cloneable
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    public static final class LedgerOffsetOuterClass.LedgerOffset.Builder
    implements LedgerOffsetOuterClass.LedgerOffsetOrBuilder
     Describes a specific point on the ledger.
     The Ledger API endpoints that take offsets allow to specify portions
     of the ledger that are relevant for the client to read.
     Offsets returned by the Ledger API can be used as-is (e.g.
     to keep track of processed transactions and provide a restart
     point to use in case of need).
     The format of absolute offsets is opaque to the client: no
     client-side transformation of an offset is guaranteed
     to return a meaningful offset.
     The server implementation ensures internally that offsets
     are lexicographically comparable.
    Protobuf type com.daml.ledger.api.v1.LedgerOffset