Class ParticipantPruningServiceGrpc.ParticipantPruningServiceBlockingStub

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    public static final class ParticipantPruningServiceGrpc.ParticipantPruningServiceBlockingStub
    extends io.grpc.stub.AbstractBlockingStub<ParticipantPruningServiceGrpc.ParticipantPruningServiceBlockingStub>
    A stub to allow clients to do synchronous rpc calls to service ParticipantPruningService.
     Prunes/truncates the "oldest" transactions from the participant (the participant Ledger Api Server plus any other
     participant-local state) by removing a portion of the ledger in such a way that the set of future, allowed
     commands are not affected.
     This enables:
     1. keeping the "inactive" portion of the ledger to a manageable size and
     2. removing inactive state to honor the right to be forgotten.
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