Class PartyManagementServiceGrpc.PartyManagementServiceStub

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    public static final class PartyManagementServiceGrpc.PartyManagementServiceStub
    extends io.grpc.stub.AbstractAsyncStub<PartyManagementServiceGrpc.PartyManagementServiceStub>
    A stub to allow clients to do asynchronous rpc calls to service PartyManagementService.
     This service allows inspecting the party management state of the ledger known to the participant
     and managing the participant-local party metadata.
     The authorization rules for its RPCs are specified on the ``<RpcName>Request``
     messages as boolean expressions over these facts:
     (1) ``HasRight(r)`` denoting whether the authenticated user has right ``r`` and
     (2) ``IsAuthenticatedIdentityProviderAdmin(idp)`` denoting whether ``idp`` is equal to the ``identity_provider_id``
     of the authenticated user and the user has an IdentityProviderAdmin right.
     If `identity_provider_id` is set to an empty string, then it's effectively set to the value of access token's 'iss' field if that is provided.
     If `identity_provider_id` remains an empty string, the default identity provider will be assumed.
     The fields of request messages (and sub-messages) are marked either as ``Optional`` or ``Required``:
     (1) ``Optional`` denoting the client may leave the field unset when sending a request.
     (2) ``Required`` denoting the client must set the field to a non-default value when sending a request.
     A party details resource is described by the ``PartyDetails`` message,
     A party details resource, once it has been created, can be modified using the ``UpdatePartyDetails`` RPC.
     The only fields that can be modified are those marked as ``Modifiable``.