Class PartyManagementServiceGrpc

  • @Generated(value="by gRPC proto compiler",
               comments="Source: com/daml/ledger/api/v1/admin/party_management_service.proto")
    public final class PartyManagementServiceGrpc
    extends java.lang.Object
     This service allows inspecting the party management state of the ledger known to the participant
     and managing the participant-local party metadata.
     The authorization rules for its RPCs are specified on the ``<RpcName>Request``
     messages as boolean expressions over these facts:
     (1) ``HasRight(r)`` denoting whether the authenticated user has right ``r`` and
     (2) ``IsAuthenticatedIdentityProviderAdmin(idp)`` denoting whether ``idp`` is equal to the ``identity_provider_id``
     of the authenticated user and the user has an IdentityProviderAdmin right.
     The fields of request messages (and sub-messages) are marked either as ``Optional`` or ``Required``:
     (1) ``Optional`` denoting the client may leave the field unset when sending a request.
     (2) ``Required`` denoting the client must set the field to a non-default value when sending a request.
     A party details resource is described by the ``PartyDetails`` message,
     A party details resource, once it has been created, can be modified using the ``UpdatePartyDetails`` RPC.
     The only fields that can be modified are those marked as ``Modifiable``.