Class UserManagementServiceGrpc.UserManagementServiceImplBase

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    UserManagementServiceGrpc.AsyncService, io.grpc.BindableService
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    public abstract static class UserManagementServiceGrpc.UserManagementServiceImplBase
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements io.grpc.BindableService, UserManagementServiceGrpc.AsyncService
    Base class for the server implementation of the service UserManagementService.
     Service to manage users and their rights for interacting with the Ledger API
     served by a participant node.
     The authorization rules for its RPCs are specified on the ``<RpcName>Request``
     messages as boolean expressions over these facts:
     (1) ``HasRight(r)`` denoting whether the authenticated user has right ``r`` and
     (2) ``IsAuthenticatedUser(uid)`` denoting whether ``uid`` is the empty string or equal to the id of the authenticated user.
     (3) ``IsAuthenticatedIdentityProviderAdmin(idp)`` denoting whether ``idp`` is equal to the ``identity_provider_id``
     of the authenticated user and the user has an IdentityProviderAdmin right.
     If `user_id` is set to the empty string (the default), then the data for the authenticated user will be retrieved.
     If `identity_provider_id` is set to an empty string, then it's effectively set to the value of access token's 'iss' field if that is provided.
     If `identity_provider_id` remains an empty string, the default identity provider will be assumed.
     The fields of request messages (and sub-messages) are marked either as ``Optional`` or ``Required``:
     (1) ``Optional`` denoting the client may leave the field unset when sending a request.
     (2) ``Required`` denoting the client must set the field to a non-default value when sending a request.
     A user resource consists of:
     (1) a set of properties represented by the ``User`` message,
     (2) a set of user rights, where each right is represented by the ``Right`` message.
     A user resource, once it has been created, can be modified.
     In order to update the properties represented by the ``User`` message use the ``UpdateUser`` RPC. The only fields that can be modified are those marked as ``Modifiable``.
     In order to grant or revoke user rights use ``GrantRights' and ``RevokeRights`` RPCs.
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      • UserManagementServiceImplBase

        public UserManagementServiceImplBase()
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        public final io.grpc.ServerServiceDefinition bindService()
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        bindService in interface io.grpc.BindableService