implicit final class Ops[+A] extends AnyVal

Extension methods for FutureUnlessShutdown

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Instance Constructors

  1. new Ops(self: FutureUnlessShutdown[A])

Value Members

  1. final def !=(arg0: Any): Boolean
    Definition Classes
  2. final def ##: Int
    Definition Classes
  3. final def ==(arg0: Any): Boolean
    Definition Classes
  4. final def asInstanceOf[T0]: T0
    Definition Classes
  5. def failOnShutdownTo(t: => Throwable)(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): Future[A]
  6. def failed: Future[Throwable]

    Analog to scala.concurrent.Future.failed

  7. def flatMap[B](f: (A) => FutureUnlessShutdown[B])(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): FutureUnlessShutdown[B]
  8. def flatten[S](implicit ec: ExecutionContext, ev: <:<[A, FutureUnlessShutdown[S]]): FutureUnlessShutdown[S]
  9. def getClass(): Class[_ <: AnyVal]
    Definition Classes
    AnyVal → Any
  10. def isCompleted: Boolean
  11. final def isInstanceOf[T0]: Boolean
    Definition Classes
  12. def map[B](f: (A) => B)(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): FutureUnlessShutdown[B]
  13. def onComplete[B](f: (Try[UnlessShutdown[A]]) => Unit)(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): Unit

    Analog to scala.concurrent.Future.onComplete

  14. def onShutdown[B >: A](f: => B)(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): Future[B]

    Evaluates f and returns its result if this future completes with UnlessShutdown.AbortedDueToShutdown.

  15. def recover[U >: A](pf: PartialFunction[Throwable, UnlessShutdown[U]])(implicit executor: ExecutionContext): FutureUnlessShutdown[U]

    Analog to scala.concurrent.Future.recover

  16. def subflatMap[B](f: (A) => UnlessShutdown[B])(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): FutureUnlessShutdown[B]
  17. def tapOnShutdown(f: => Unit)(implicit ec: ExecutionContext, errorLoggingContext: ErrorLoggingContext): FutureUnlessShutdown[A]

    Evaluates f on shutdown but retains the result of the future.

  18. def toString(): String
    Definition Classes
  19. def transform[B](success: (UnlessShutdown[A]) => UnlessShutdown[B], failure: (Throwable) => Throwable)(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): FutureUnlessShutdown[B]

    Analog to scala.concurrent.Future.transform

  20. def transform[B](f: (Try[UnlessShutdown[A]]) => Try[UnlessShutdown[B]])(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): FutureUnlessShutdown[B]

    Analog to scala.concurrent.Future.transform

  21. def transformWith[B](f: (Try[UnlessShutdown[A]]) => FutureUnlessShutdown[B])(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): FutureUnlessShutdown[B]

    Analog to scala.concurrent.Future.transformWith

  22. def unwrap: Future[UnlessShutdown[A]]

    Open the type abstraction

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