package elements

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Package Members

  1. package dvp
  2. package multiview

Type Members

  1. abstract class AmendMasterConfig extends AnyRef

    Trait to amend the current run config when it hits a certain condition

  2. abstract class BaseDriver extends Flusher[Transaction] with NamedLogging with FlagCloseable with NoTracing with HasFlushFuture with Factory

    Shared implementation between master, trader and issuer roles.

    Shared implementation between master, trader and issuer roles.

    The base driver contains the shared code between each role. In here, we setup the connection, read the ACS on startup, initialise the driver and provide a set of utilities that all roles will need (such as submitting and tracking submissions or dealing with pending contracts)

    We also implement here the basic nanobot update logic.

  3. case class BotUpdate[T](items: List[T], flush: FlushState) extends Product with Serializable
  4. trait DriverControl extends AnyRef
  5. sealed trait DriverStatus extends AnyRef
  6. sealed trait FlushState extends AnyRef

    flush state used to control when the driver decides to send commands once he knows there are no further updates to be consumed

  7. class MasterDriver extends BaseDriver
  8. abstract class ParticipantDriver extends BaseDriver
  9. class SetupDriver extends NamedLogging with FlagCloseable with NoTracing
  10. trait StatsUpdater extends AnyRef
  11. case class SubCommand(baseDesc: String, reference: String, command: Command, pending: (Future[CommandResult]) => Unit, failed: () => Unit = () => ()) extends Product with Serializable