Feature and Component Statuses

This page gives an overview of the statuses of released components and features according to Status Definitions. Anything not listed here implicitly has status “Labs”, but it’s possible that something accidentally slipped the list so if in doubt, please contact us.

Ledger API

Component/Feature Status Deprecated on
Ledger API specification including all semantics of >= Daml-LF 1.6 Stable  
Numbered (ie non-dev) Versions of Proto definitions distributed via GitHub Releases Stable  
Dev Versions of Proto definitions distributed via GitHub Releases Alpha  
Use of divulged contracts in later transactions Stable, Deprecated 2021-06-16

Runtime Components

Component / Feature Status Deprecated on
Canton Application and Console Stable  
Canton Administrative APIs for participant and domain nodes Stable  
Canton Protocol Stable  
Sequencer for PostgreSQL Stable  
Sequencer for Oracle DB Stable  
Sequencer for Hyperledger Fabric Beta  
Sequencer for Hyperledger Besu Beta  
Support for connecting a single participant to multiple domains Alpha  
HTTP endpoints under /v1/ including status codes, authentication, query language and encoding. Stable  
daml json-api CLI for development. (as specified using daml json-api --help) Stable  
Stand-alone distribution for production use, including CLI specified in --help. Stable  
Daml API of individual Triggers Stable  
Development CLI to start individual triggers in dev environment (daml trigger) Stable  
Trigger Service (daml trigger-service) Stable  
Non-repudiation Alpha  


Component / Feature Status Deprecated on
Java Ledger API Bindings    
daml codegen java CLI and generated code Stable  
bindings-java library and its public API. Stable  
bindings-rxjava library and its public API. Stable  
daml-lf-1.6-archive-java-proto Stable  
daml-lf-1.7-archive-java-proto Stable  
daml-lf-1.8-archive-java-proto Stable  
daml-lf-dev-archive-java-proto Alpha  
Python Ledger API Bindings (formerly known as DAZL)    
dazl library and its public API Stable  
JavaScript Client Libraries    
daml codegen js CLI and generated code Stable  
@daml/types library and its public API Stable  
@daml/ledger library and its public API Stable  
@daml/react library and its public API Stable  
Daml Libraries    
The Daml Standard Library Stable  
The Daml Script Library Stable  
The Daml Trigger Library Stable  

Developer Tools

Component / Feature Status Deprecated on
Windows SDK Stable  
Mac SDK Stable  
Linux SDK Stable  

Daml Assistant (daml) with top level commands

  • --help
  • version
  • install
  • uninstall
daml start helper command and associated CLI (daml start --help) Stable  
daml deploy helper command and associated CLI (daml deploy --help) Stable  
Assistant commands to start Runtime Components: daml json-api, daml trigger, and daml trigger-service. See Runtime Components.  
Daml Projects    
daml.yaml project specification Stable  
Assistant commands new, create-daml-app, and init. Note that the templates created by daml new and create-daml-app are considered example code, and are not covered by semantic versioning. Stable  
Daml Studio    
VSCode Extension Stable  
daml studio assistant command Stable  
Code Generation    
daml codegen assistant commands See Libraries.  
Sandbox Development Ledger    
daml sandbox assistant command and documented CLI under daml sandbox --help. Stable  
Daml Profiler in Sandbox Stable  
Daml Compiler    
daml build CLI Stable  
daml damlc CLI Stable  
Compilation and packaging (daml damlc build) Stable  
Legacy packaging command (daml damlc package) Stable, Deprecated 2020-10-14
In-memory Scenario/Script testing (daml damlc test) Stable  
DAR File inspection (daml damlc inspect-dar). The exact output is only covered by semantic versioning when used with the --json flag. Stable  
DAR File validation (daml damlc validate-dar) Stable  
Daml Linter (daml damlc lint) Stable  
Daml REPL (daml damlc repl) See Daml REPL heading below  
Daml Language Server CLI (daml damlc ide) Labs  
Daml Documentation Generation (daml damlc docs) Labs  
daml doctest Labs  
Script Daml API Stable  
Daml Scenario IDE integration Stable  
Daml Script IDE integration Stable  
Daml Script Library See Libraries  
daml test in-memory Script and Scenario test CLI Stable  
daml script CLI to run Scripts against live ledgers. Stable  
Daml Navigator Development UI (daml navigator server) Stable  
Navigator Config File Creation (daml navigator create-config) Stable  
Navigator graphQL Schema (daml navigator dump-graphql-schema) Labs  
Daml REPL Interactive Shell    
daml repl CLI Stable  
Daml and meta-APIs of the REPL Stable  
Ledger Administration CLI    
daml ledger CLI and all subcommands. Stable