Release notes

This page contains release notes for the SDK.

HEAD — ongoing

0.13.5 - 2019-06-19

Release Procedure

  • Fixes to the CI/CD release procedure. See #1755 <>__.

0.13.4 - 2019-06-19

Java Codegen

  • Support generic types (including tuples) as contract keys in codegen. See #1728.

Ledger API

  • A new command ExerciseByKey allows to exercise choices on active contracts referring to them by their key. See #1366.

Java Bindings

  • The addition of the ExerciseByKey to the Ledger API is reflected in the bindings. See #1366.

Release Procedure

  • Fixes to the release procedure. Note: The release to Maven Central was successfully performed _manually_ in release 0.13.3. This release should confirm that it will occur as part of the CI/CD. See #1745

DAML Studio

  • Closing and reopening scenario results will now show the results instead of an empty view. See #1606.

0.13.3 - 2019-06-18

Release Procedure

  • Fixes to the release procedure. See #1737

Java Bindings

  • The changes for Java Bindings listed for SDK 0.13.2 now only apply to SDK 0.13.3 and later. This is due to the partial failure of the release procedure.

DAML Studio

  • The IDE now executes tasks in parallel.


  • Fixed a bug in migration scripts that could cause databases originally created with older versions of the Sandbox to not upgrade schemas properly. See #1682.

0.13.2 - 2019-06-18

Visualizing DAML Contracts

Release Procedure

  • Fixes to the release procedure. See #1725
  • The changes for Java Bindings listed for SDK 0.13.1 now only apply to SDK 0.13.2 and later. This is due to the partial failure of the release procedure.

0.13.1 - 2019-06-17


  • Add an instance for IsParties (Optional Party), allowing Optional values to be used in signatory, observer and maintainer clauses.

Java Bindings

  • Release the Java Bindings to the public Maven Central repository. To move to using the Maven Central repository, remove the <repository>...</repository> and <pluginRepository>...</pluginRepository> blocks from Maven POM files that use version 0.13.1 (or later) of the Java Bindings. See #1205.

0.13.0 - 2019-06-17


  • This marks the first release that is no longer released for the da assistant. It is still possible to use it to get older SDK releases. Take a look at documentation for the new daml assistant for migration instructions.


  • Fixed a bug in an internal data structure that broke contract keys. See #1623.
  • Fixed a bug of not closing a resource properly when shutting down the Sandbox. See #1702.

DAML Studio

  • Double the gRPC message limit used for the scenario service. This avoids issues on large projects.

Ledger API

  • Slash (/) is now an allowed character in contract, workflow, application and command identifiers.

0.12.25 — 2019-06-13

DAML Integration Kit

  • Added new CLI flag --all-tests to the Ledger API Test Tool to run all default and optional tests.
  • Added new CLI flag --command-submission-ttl-scale-factor to the Ledger API Test Tool. It scales time-to-live of commands sent for ledger processing (captured as Maximum Record Time in submitted transactions) for some suites. Useful to tune Maximum Record Time depending on the environment and the Ledger implementation under test.
  • Fixed various bugs in the daml-on-x ledger api server and index service.


  • Introduced a new API for party management. See #1312.

Scala bindings

  • New –root command-line option for limiting what templates are selected for codegen. See #1210.

Ledger API

  • Contract keys are now available for created events from the transaction service. See #1268.

Java Bindings

  • The addition of contract keys on created events in the Ledger API is reflected in the bindings. See #1268.

Java Codegen

  • Contracts decoded from the transaction service now expose their contract key (if defined). See #1268.

0.12.24 - 2019-06-06

DAML Studio

  • Fix errors due to unhandled $/cancelRequest and textDocument/willSave requests from showing up in the output tab in VSCode. These errors also caused an automatic switch from the problems tab to the output tab which should now no longer happen.
  • Note that upgrading the VSCode extension requires launching it via daml studio. If you launch VSCode directly, you might get issues due to an outdated extension.

0.12.23 - 2019-06-05

SQL Extractor

  • 50MiB is no longer hard-coded on extractor input for sandbox or any other server, permitting large packages; e.g. pass --ledger-api-inbound-message-size-max 62914560 to extractor to get a 60MiB limit. See #1520.
  • Improving logging. See #1518.

DAML Language

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Contract key maintainers must now explicitly be computed from the contract key using the implicit key variable. For instance, if you have key (bank, accountId) : (Party, Text) and want bank to be the maintainer, you have to write maintainer key._1 (before, you could write maintainer bank).

DAML Compiler

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Drop support for DAML-LF 1.3. Compiling to DAML-LF 1.4 should work without any code changes, although we highly recommend not specifying a target DAML-LF version at all. (The ledger server still supports DAML-LF 1.3.)
  • Fix initialization of package-db for non-default DAML-LF versions. This fixes issues when using “daml build –target 1.3” (or other target versions).

DAML Standard Library

  • Add enumerate function.


  • Added recovery around failing ledger entry persistence queries using Postgres. See #1505.

DAML Integration Kit

  • The Ledger API Test Tool can now optionally run TransactionServiceIT as part of the conformance tests. This means you need to load additional .dar files into the ledger under test. Please refer to the updated instructions in the documentation.
  • Added new CLI options to the Ledger API Test Tool:
    • --list prints all available tests to the console
    • --include takes a comma-separated list of test names that should be run
    • --exclude takes a comma-separated list of test names that should not be run

0.12.22 - 2019-05-29

DAML Studio

  • Fixed a bug where type check errors would persist if there was a subsequent parse error.

DAML Compiler

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Drop support for DAML-LF 1.2. Compiling to DAML-LF 1.3 should work without any code changes, although we highly recommend not specifying a target DAML-LF version at all.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: By default damlc test must be executed in a project and will test the whole project. Testing individual files, potentially outside a project, requires passing the new --files flag.


  • The Syntax of party literals is relaxed by allowing the character colon. Concretely those literals must match the regular expression [a-zA-Z0-9:\-_ ]+ instead of [a-zA-Z0-9\-_ ]+ previously. See #1467.

SQL Extractor

  • The extractor --party option may now specify multiple parties, separated by commas; e.g. instead of --party Bob you can say --party Bob,Bar,Baz and get the contracts for all three parties in the database. See #1360.
  • The extractor --templates option to specify template IDs in the format: <module1>:<entity1>,<module2>:<entity2>. If not provided, extractor subscribes to all available templates. See #1352.


  • Fixed a bug in the SQL backend that caused transactions with a fetch node referencing a contract created in the same transaction to be rejected. See issue #1435.

0.12.21 - 2019-05-28

DAML Assistant

  • The exposed-modules field in daml.yaml is now optional. If it is not specified, all modules in the project are exposed. See #1328.
  • You can now see all available versions with daml version using the --all flag.

DAML Compiler

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Drop support for DAML-LF 1.1. Compiling to DAML-LF 1.2 should work without any code changes, although we highly recommend not specifying a target DAML-LF version at all.
  • Make DAML-LF 1.5 the default version produced by the compiler.

DAML Standard Library

  • parseInt and parseDecimal now work at more extremes of values and accept leading plus signs.



  • BREAKING CHANGE: The string fields application_id, command_id, ledger_id, and workflow_id in Ledger API commands must now match the regular expression [A-Za-z0-9\._:\-#]{1,255}. Those fields were unrestricted UTF-8 strings in previous versions. See #398.

0.12.20 - 2019-05-23


  • Contract keys: Support arbitrary key expressions (this was accidentally omitted from 0.12.19).

0.12.19 - 2019-05-22


  • Transaction filters in GetTransactionsRequest without any party are now rejected with INVALID_ARGUMENT instead of yielding an empty stream

    See #1250 for details.


  • Contract keys: The syntactic restriction on contract keys has been removed. They can be arbitray expressions now.


  • Add new version 1.4 and make it the default version produced by damlc. It removes the syntactic restriction on contract keys.

Java Bindings

  • Bots: A class called LedgerTestView was added to make bot unit testing possible


  • BREAKING CHANGE - Syntax: Records with empty update blocks, e.g. foo with, is now an error (the fact it was ever accepted was a bug).
  • BREAKING CHANGE - Contract Keys: Before, maintainers were incorrectly not checked to be a subset of the signatories, now they are. See issue #1123


  • When loading a scenario with --scenario, the sandbox no longer compiles packages twice, see issue #1238.
  • When starting the sandbox, you can now choose to have it load all the .dar packages immediately with the --eager-package-loading flag. The default behavior is to load the packages only when a command requires them, which causes a delay for the first command that requires a yet-to-be-compiled package. See issue #1230.

SDK tools

  • The Windows installer is now signed. You might still see Windows defender warnings for some time but the publisher should now show “Digital Asset Holdings, LLC”.

0.12.18 - 2019-05-20


  • Removed unnecessary dependency in the quickstart-java example project.
  • Removed the Configure Maven section from the installation instructions. This step is not needed anymore.

SDK tools

  • DAML Assistant: We’ve built a new and improved version of the SDK assistant, replacing da commands with daml commands. The documentation is updated to use the new assistant in this release.

    For a full guide to what’s changed and how to migrate, see Moving to the new DAML assistant. To read about how to use the new daml Assistant, see DAML Assistant (daml).


  • BREAKING CHANGE - DAML Compiler: It is now an error to omit method bodies in class instance s if the method has no default. Almost all instances of such behaviour were an error - add in a suitable definition.

  • Contract keys: We’ve added documentation for contract keys, a way of specifying a primary key for contract instances. For information about how to use them, see Contract keys.

  • BREAKING CHANGE - DAML Standard Library: Moved the Tuple and Either types to daml-prim:DA.Types rather than exposing internal locations.

    How to migrate:

    • You don’t need to change DAML code as a result of this change.
    • People using the Java/Scala codegen need to replace import ghc.tuple.* or import da.internal.prelude.* with import da.types.*.
    • People using the Ledger API directly need to replace GHC.Tuple and DA.Internal.Prelude with DA.Types.
  • BREAKING CHANGE - DAML Standard Library: Don’t expose the TextMap type via the Prelude anymore.

    How to migrate: Always import DA.TextMap when you want to use the TextMap type.

  • DAML Standard Library: Add String as a compatibility alias for Text.

Ledger API

  • BREAKING Removed the unused field ExercisedEvent from Event, because a Transaction never contains exercised events (only created and archived events): #960

    This change is backwards compatible on the transport level, meaning:

    • new versions of ledger language bindings will work with previous versions of the Sandbox, because the field was never populated
    • previous versions of the ledger language bindings will work with new versions of the Sandbox, as the field was removed without any change in observable behavior

    How to migrate:

  • Added the agreement text as a new field agreement_text to the CreatedEvent message. This means you now have access to the agreement text of contracts via the Ledger API. The type of this field is google.protobuf.StringValue to properly reflect the optionality on the wire for full backwards compatibility. See Google’s wrappers.proto for more information about StringValue.

    See #1110 for details.

  • Fixed: the CommandService.SubmitAndWait endpoint no longer rejects commands without a workflow identifier.

    See #572 for details.

Java Bindings

  • BREAKING Reflect the breaking change of Ledger API in the event class hierarchy:

    • Changed data.Event from an abstract class to an interface, representing events in a flat transaction.
    • Added interface data.TreeEvent, representing events in a transaction tree.
    • data.CreatedEvent and data.ArchivedEvent now implement data.Event.
    • data.CreatedEvent and data.ExercisedEvent now implement data.TreeEvent.
    • data.TransactionTree#eventsById is now Map<String, TreeEvent> (was previously Map<String, Event>).

    How to migrate:

    • If you are processing data.TransactionTree objects, you need to change the type of the processed events from data.Event to data.TreeEvent.
    • If you are checking for the presense of exercised events when processing data.Transaction objects, you can remove that code now. It would never have triggered in the first place, as transactions do not contain exercised events.
  • Java Codegen: You can now call a method to get a CreateAndExerciseCommand for each choice, for example:

    CreateAndExerciseCommand cmd = new MyTemplate(owner, someText).createAndExerciseAccept(42L);

    In this case MyTemplate is a DAML template with a choice Accept and the resulting command will create a contract and exercise the Accept choice within the same transaction.

    See issue #1092 for details.

  • Added agreement text of contracts: #1110

    • Java Bindings
      • Added field Optional<String> agreementText to data.CreatedEvent, to reflect the change in Ledger API.
    • Java Codegen
      • Added generated field Optional<String> TemplateName.Contract#agreementText.
      • Added generated static method TemplateName.Contract.fromCreatedEvent(CreatedEvent). This is the preferred method to use for converting a CreatedEvent into a Contract.
      • Added generated static method TemplateName.Contract.fromIdAndRecord(String, Record, Optional<String>). This method is useful for setting up tests, when you want to convert a Record into a contract without having to create a CreatedEvent first.
      • Deprecated generated static method TemplateName.Contract.fromIdAndRecord(String, Record) in favor of the new static methods in the generated Contract classes.
      • Changed the generated decoder utility class to use the new fromCreatedEvent method.
      • BREAKING Changed the return type of the getDecoder method in the generated decoder utility class from Optional<BiFunction<String, Record, Contract>> to Optional<Function<CreatedEvent, Contract>>.

    How to migrate:

    • If you are manually constructing instances of data.CreatedEvent (for example, for testing), you need to add an Optional<String> value as constructor parameter for the agreementText field.

    • You should change all calls to Contract.fromIdAndRecord to Contract.fromCreatedEvent.

      // BEFORE
      CreatedEvent event = ...;
      Iou.Contract contract = Iou.Contract.fromIdAndRecord(event.getContractId(), event.getArguments()));
      // AFTER
      CreatedEvent event = ...;
      Iou.Contract contract = Iou.Contract.fromCreatedEvent(event);
    • Pass the data.CreatedEvent directly to the function returned by the decoder’s getDecoder method. If you are using the decoder utility class method fromCreatedEvent, you don’t need to change anything.

      CreatedEvent event = ...;
      // BEFORE
      Optional<BiFunction<String, Record, Contract>> decoder = MyDecoderUtility.getDecoder(MyTemplate.TEMPLATE_ID);
      if (decoder.isPresent()) {
          return decoder.get().apply(event.getContractId(), event.getArguments();
      // AFTER
      Optional<Function<CreatedEvent, Contract>> decoder = MyDecoderUtility.getDecoder(MyTemplate.TEMPLATE_ID);
      if (decoder.isPresent()) {
          return decoder.get().apply(event);

Scala Bindings

  • BREAKING You can now access the agreement text of a contract with the new field Contract#agreementText: Option[String].

    How to migrate:

    • If you are pattern matching on com.digitalasset.ledger.client.binding.Contract, you need to add a match clause for the added field.
    • If you are constructing com.digitalasset.ledger.client.binding.Contract values, for example for tests, you need to add a constructor parameter for the agreement text.
  • CreateAndExercise support via createAnd method, e.g. MyTemplate(owner, someText).createAnd.exerciseAccept(controller, 42). See issue #1092 for more information.


  • Renamed --jdbcurl to --sql-backend-jdbcurl. Left --jdbcurl in place for backwards compat.
  • Fixed issue when loading scenarios making use of pass into the sandbox, see #1079.
  • Fixed issue when loading scenarios that involve contract divulgence, see #1166.
  • Contract visibility is now properly checked when looking up contracts in the SQL backend, see #784.
  • The sandbox now exposes the agreement text of contracts in CreatedEvents. See #1110


  • Non-empty agreement texts are now shown on the contract page above the section Contract details, see #1110

SQL Extractor

  • BREAKING In JSON content, dates and timestamps are formatted like "2020-02-22" and "2020-02-22T12:13:14Z" rather than UNIX epoch offsets like 18314 or 1582373594000000. See #1174 for more details.

0.12.17 - 2019-05-10

  • Making transaction lookups performant so we can handle such requests for large ledgers as well

  • Sandbox: Transactions with a record time that is after the maximum record time (as provided in the original command) are now properly rejected instead of committed to the ledger.

    See issue #987 for details.

  • SDK: The Windows installer no longer requires elevated privileges.

0.12.16 - 2019-05-07

  • Contract keys: Fixed two issues related to contract key visibility.

    See issue #969 and issue #973 for details.

  • Java Codegen: Variants with unserializable cases are now accepted.

    See issue #946 for details.

  • Java Bindings: CreateAndExerciseCommand is now properly converted in the Java Bindings data layer.

    See issue #979 for details.

  • DAML Integration Kit: Alpha release of the kit for integrating your own ledger with DAML. See the DAML Integration Kit docs for how to try it out.

  • DAML Assistant: Added a quickstart-scala DAML Assistant project template.

  • DAML-LF Engine: If all labels in a record are set, fields no longer need to be ordered.

    See issue #988 for details.

0.12.15 - 2019-05-06

  • Windows support: Beta release of the Windows SDK.

    To try it out, download the installer from GitHub releases. The Windows SDK uses the new daml command-line which will soon also become the default on Linux and MacOS.

    Documentation is still in progress, but you can see the Migration guide and the pull request for the updated documentation.

  • DAML Standard Library: Added fromListWith and merge to DA.TextMap.

  • DAML Standard Library: Deprecated DA.Map and DA.Set. Use the new DA.Next.Map and DA.Next.Set instead.

  • Ledger API: Added three new methods to the CommandService:

    • SubmitAndWaitForTransactionId returns the transaction ID.
  • Beta release of the Windows SDK: You can download the installer from GitHub releases. The Windows SDK ships with the new daml installer which will soon also become the default on Linux and MacOS. Documentation is still in progress, take a look at the Migration guide and the updated documentation.

  • Add fromListWith and merge to DA.TextMap.

  • Release Javadoc artifacts as part of the SDK. See more here

  • Add DA.Next.Map and DA.Next.Set and deprecate DA.Map and DA.Set in favor of those.

  • Ledger API: Added three new methods to CommandService:

    • SubmitAndWaitForTransactionId returns the transaction id.
    • SubmitAndWaitForTransaction returns the transaction.
    • SubmitAndWaitForTransactionTree returns the transaction tree.
  • Ledger API: Added field transaction_id to command completions. This field is only set when a command is successful.

  • DAML Standard Library: Added instances of Functor, Applicative, and Action for (->) r (the reader monad).

0.12.14 - 2019-05-03

  • DAML Standard Library: The id function was previously deprecated and has now been removed. Use identity instead.
  • DAML and Assistant: The compiler no longer supports DAML-LF 1.0.
  • DAML-LF: As a new “dev” minor version, writing with --target is now supported by all tools by default.
  • Ledger API: You can now look up flat transactions with the new TransactionService methods GetFlatTransactionByEventId and GetFlatTransactionById.

0.12.13 - 2019-05-02

  • Sandbox: Fixed an problem with Postgres of potentially not stopping the transaction stream at required ceiling offset.

    For more details, see the pull request.

0.12.12 - 2019-04-30

  • Sandbox: Added support for using a Postgres database as a back end for the Sandbox, which gives you persistent data storage. To try it out, see DAML Sandbox.

  • DAML Integration Kit: Added documentation for DAML Integration Kit - ALPHA. The docs explain what the DAML Integration Kit is, what state it is in, and how it is going to evolve.

  • DAML Integration Kit: Released the Ledger API Test Tool. To try it out, see Ledger API Test Tool.

  • DAML-LF: Removed DAML-LF Dev major version, --target dev option, and sandbox --allow-dev option.

    A “” target will handle the intended “Dev” use cases in a future release.

  • Ledger API: The list of DAML packages used during interpretation is now included in the produced transaction.

  • Scala: Source JARs are now released for Scala libraries.

  • DAML Standard Library: Renamed DA.TextMap.filter and DA.Map.filter to filterWithKey.

  • Contract keys: Fixed bug releated to visibility and contract keys.

    For details, see issue #751.

  • Contract keys: Fixed bug related witness parties in transaction events.

    For details, see issue #794.

0.12.11 - 2019-04-26

0.12.10 — 2019-04-25

  • DAML-LF: DAML-LF 1.3 is now the default compilation target for the DAML compiler. This means that contract keys and text maps are now available by default in DAML.

0.12.9 — 2019-04-23

  • DAML Standard Library: Added the DA.Math library containing exponentiation, logarithms and trig functions

  • Ledger API: Added CreateAndExerciseCommand to the Ledger API and DAMLe for creating a contract and exercising a choice on it within the same transaction.

    You can use this to implement “callable updates”: functions of type Update a that can be called from the Ledger API via a contract.

  • Publish the participant-state APIs and reference implementations.

  • Sandbox: Added the -s option to the CLI to have a shortened version for --static-time.

  • Sandbox: Change --allow-dev to be a hidden CLI option, as it’s generally not relevant for end users.

0.12.7 — 2019-04-17

No user-facing changes.

0.12.6 — 2019-04-16

  • Java Bindings: Removed blocking call inside Bot.wire, which could lead to an application not making progress in certain situations.

0.12.5 — 2019-04-15

  • DAML-LF: The DAML-LF Archive Protobuf definitions are now packaged so that it’s possible to use them without mangling the path.

0.12.4 — 2019-04-15

  • SDK: Build artifacts are now released to GitHub.

  • Sandbox: We now avoid recompiling packages after resetting using the ResetService.

  • Scala: The compiled google.rpc.Status is now included in the ledger-api-scalapb jar.

  • Ledger API: Fixed critical bug related to the conversion of decimal numbers from Ledger API.

    For details, see issue #399 and issue #439.

0.12.3 — 2019-04-12

  • SDK: Fix Navigator and Extractor packaging.

0.12.2 — 2019-04-12

  • DAML: Added flexible controllers and disjunction choices.
  • Sandbox: Introduced experimental support for using Postgres as a backend. The optional CLI argument for it, --jdbcurl, is still hidden.
  • Node.js Bindings: Fixed validation for Ledger API timestamp values.
  • Node.js Bindings: Drop support for identifier names, replacing them with separated module and entity names.
  • Node.js Bindings: Ledger API timestamps and dates are now represented with strings instead of numbers.
  • Node.js Bindings: Protobuf 64-bit precision integers now use strings instead of numbers, to avoid a loss of precision.
  • Java Codegen: Added support for DAML TextMap primitive. This is mapped to the java.util.Map type, with keys restricted to java.lang.String instances.
  • Java Codegen: Made log output leaner.
  • Java Codegen: Added flag for log verbosity: -V LEVEL or --verbosity LEVEL, where LEVEL is a number between 0 (least verbose) and 4 (most verbose).
  • BREAKING - Sandbox and DAMLe: Remove support for DAML 1.0 packages in the engine, and thus the Sandbox. Note that the SDK has removed support for compiling DAML 1.0 months ago.

0.12.1 — 2019-04-04

No user-facing changes.

0.12.0 — 2019-04-04

  • Change in how values are addressed in Navigator’s frontend-config.js.

    • Old syntax for accessing values:

    • New syntax:

      import { DamlLfValue } from '@da/ui-core';
      // Accessing field 'bar' of field 'foo' of the argument
      DamlLfValue.evalPath(argument, ["foo", "bar"])


  • BREAKING CHANGE - DAML standard library: Removed DA.List.split function, which was never intended to be exposed and doesn’t do what the name suggests.

  • BREAKING CHANGE - Java Bindings: Removed type parameter for DamlList and DamlOptional classes.

    The DamlList, DamlOptional, and ContractId classes were previously parameterized (i.e DamlList[String]) for consistency with the DAML language. The type parameter has been removed as such type information is not supported by the underlying Ledger API and and therefore the parameterized type couldn’t be checked for correctness.

  • BREAKING CHANGE - Java Bindings: For all classes in the package, we shortened the names of the conversion methods from long forms like fromProtoGeneratedCompletionStreamRequest and toProtoGeneratedCompletionStreamRequest to the much shorter fromProto and toProto.

  • Navigator: Added support for Optional and recursive data types.

  • Navigator: Improved start up performance for big DAML models.

  • BREAKING CHANGE - Navigator: Refactor the GraphQL API.

    If you’re maintaining a modified version of the Navigator frontend, you’ll need to adapt all your GraphQL queries to the new API.

  • Navigator: Fixed an issue where it was not possible to enter contract arguments involving contract IDs.

  • Navigator: Fixed issues where the console could not read some events or commands from its database.

  • BREAKING CHANGE - DAML: For the time being, data types with a single data constructor not associated with an argument are not accepted. For example, data T = T.

    To work around this, use data T = T {} or data T = T () (depending on whether you desire T be interpreted as a product or a sum).

0.11.3 - 2019-02-07

  • Navigator: Fixed display of Date values.
  • Extractor: Added first version of Extractor with PostgreSQL support.

0.11.2 - 2019-01-31

  • Navigator: Added a terminal-based console interface using SQLite as a backend.
  • Navigator: Now writes logs to ./navigator.log by default using Logback.
  • DAML Studio: Significant performance improvements.
  • DAML Studio: New table view for scenario results.
  • DAML Standard Library: New type classes.
  • Node.js bindings: Documentation updated to use version 0.4.0 and DAML 1.2.

0.11.1 - 2019-01-24

  • Java Bindings: Fixed Timestamp.fromInstant and Timestamp.toInstant.
  • Java Bindings: Added Timestamp.getMicroseconds.

0.11.0 - 2019-01-17

  • Documentation: DAML documentation and examples now use DAML 1.2.

  • Documentation: Added a comprehensive quickstart guide that replaces the old “My first project” example.

    As part of this, removed the My first project, IOU and PvP examples.

  • Documentation: Added a guide to building applications against a DA ledger.

  • Documentation: Updated the support and feedback page.

  • Ledger API: Version 1.4.0 has support for multi-party subscriptions in the transactions and active contracts services.

  • Ledger API: Version 1.4.0 supports the verbose field in the transactions and active contracts services.

  • Ledger API: Version 1.4.0 has full support for transaction trees.

  • Sandbox: Implements Ledger API version 1.4.0.

  • Java Bindings: Examples updated to use version 2.5.2 which implements Ledger API version 1.4.0.