DAML SDK roadmap (as of June 2019)

This page specifies the major features we’re planning to add next to the DAML SDK. Plans and timelines are subject to change. If you need any of these features or want to request others, see the Support page for how to get in touch.

We plan to update this roadmap roughly every three months.

  • Generic templates

    Support for writing generic templates - for example, a generic Proposal workflow that could be instantiated as a Proposal Iou to propose an Iou.

    Read more on GitHub.

  • Tools to suggest improvements to DAML code

  • Upgrading contracts

    Improved support for the workflows of upgrading contracts that already exist on the ledger.

  • Tools for visualisation

    Tools that allow users to visualise the static workflow and lifecycle of contracts.

  • Improve app portability between DAML ledgers

    Add a DAML-on-X certification tool that tests that DAML ledgers implement all DAML functionality, and document a portable approach to DAML application testing.

    Read more on GitHub.

  • Ledger API authentication

    Add Ledger API authentication for all DAML ledgers.

    Read more on GitHub.

  • JavaScript ecosystem

    Improve the currently experimental Node.js bindings so they are stable, and add higher-level abstractions to capture recurring usage patterns.

    Read more on GitHub.

  • DAML-on-X self-service package: Beta release

    Make it easier for external developers to integrate DAML with other ledgers.

    You can read about the release stages on the DAML Integration Kit - ALPHA page.