package transfer

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  1. class TransferCoordination extends NamedLogging
  2. case class TransferData(transferOutTimestamp: CantonTimestamp, transferOutRequestCounter: RequestCounter, transferOutRequest: FullTransferOutTree, transferOutDecisionTime: CantonTimestamp, contract: SerializableContract, creatingTransactionId: TransactionId, transferOutResult: Option[DeliveredTransferOutResult]) extends Product with Serializable

    Stores the data for a transfer that needs to be passed from the origin domain to the target domain.

  3. class TransferInProcessingSteps extends TransferProcessingSteps[SubmissionParam, SubmissionResult, TransferInViewType, TransferInResult] with NamedLogging
  4. class TransferInProcessor extends ProtocolProcessor[SubmissionParam, SubmissionResult, TransferInViewType, TransferInResult, TransferProcessorError]
  5. class TransferOutProcessingSteps extends TransferProcessingSteps[SubmissionParam, SubmissionResult, TransferOutViewType, TransferOutResult] with NamedLogging
  6. class TransferOutProcessor extends ProtocolProcessor[SubmissionParam, SubmissionResult, TransferOutViewType, TransferOutResult, TransferProcessorError]
  7. case class TransferOutRequest(submitter: LfPartyId, stakeholders: Set[LfPartyId], adminParties: Set[LfPartyId], contractId: LfContractId, originDomain: DomainId, originMediator: MediatorId, targetDomain: DomainId, targetTimeProof: TimeProof) extends Product with Serializable

    Request to transfer a contract away from a domain.

    Request to transfer a contract away from a domain.


    admin parties of participants that (a) host a stakeholder of the contract and (b) are connected to both source and target domain


    a sequenced event that the submitter has recently observed on the target domain. Determines the timestamp of the topology at the target domain.

  8. trait TransferProcessingSteps[SubmissionParam, SubmissionResult, RequestViewType <: ViewType, Result <: SignedProtocolMessageContent] extends ProcessingSteps[SubmissionParam, SubmissionResult, RequestViewType, Result, TransferProcessorError] with NamedLogging
  9. trait TransferSubmissionHandle extends AnyRef