Class CommandCompletionServiceGrpc.CommandCompletionServiceStub

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    public static final class CommandCompletionServiceGrpc.CommandCompletionServiceStub
    extends io.grpc.stub.AbstractAsyncStub<CommandCompletionServiceGrpc.CommandCompletionServiceStub>
    A stub to allow clients to do asynchronous rpc calls to service CommandCompletionService.
     Allows clients to observe the status of their submissions.
     Commands may be submitted via the Command Submission Service.
     The on-ledger effects of their submissions are disclosed by the Transaction Service.
     Commands may fail in 2 distinct manners:
     1. Failure communicated synchronously in the gRPC error of the submission.
     2. Failure communicated asynchronously in a Completion, see ``completion.proto``.
     Note that not only successfully submitted commands MAY produce a completion event. For example, the participant MAY
     choose to produce a completion event for a rejection of a duplicate command.
     Clients that do not receive a successful completion about their submission MUST NOT assume that it was successful.
     Clients SHOULD subscribe to the CompletionStream before starting to submit commands to prevent race conditions.