package transports

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  1. package replay

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  1. final case class GrpcPermissionDeniedError(grpcError: GrpcError) extends PermissionDeniedError with Product with Serializable

    Supply the grpc error and specially tag permission denied issues

  2. class GrpcSequencerClientAuth extends FlagCloseable with NamedLogging

    Auth helpers for the GrpcSequencerClientTransport when dealing with our custom authentication tokens.

  3. class GrpcSequencerClientTransport extends SequencerClientTransport with NamedLogging
  4. class GrpcSequencerSubscription[E, R] extends SequencerSubscription[E] with NoTracing
  5. final case class GrpcSubscriptionError(grpcError: GrpcError) extends SubscriptionError with Product with Serializable

    Supply the grpc error that caused the subscription to fail

  6. class GrpcSubscriptionErrorRetryPolicy extends CheckedSubscriptionErrorRetryPolicy[GrpcSubscriptionError] with NamedLogging
  7. final case class GrpcSubscriptionUnexpectedException(exception: Throwable) extends SubscriptionError with Product with Serializable

    The GPRC subscription observer was called with an unexpected exception

  8. trait HasProtoTraceContext[R] extends AnyRef
  9. trait SequencerClientTransport extends FlagCloseable with SupportsHandshake

    Implementation dependent operations for a client to read and write to a domain sequencer.