Module DA.Action.State.Class



class ActionState s m where

Action m has a state variable of type s.

Rules: get > ma = ma ma < get = ma put a >>= get = put a $> a put a > put b = put b (,) <$> get <> get = get <&> \a -> (a, a)

Informally, these rules mean it behaves like an ordinary assignable variable: it doesn’t magically change value by looking at it, if you put a value there that’s always the value you’ll get if you read it, assigning a value but never reading that value has no effect, and so on.


: m s

Fetch the current value of the state variable.


: s -> m ()

Set the value of the state variable.


: (s -> s) -> m ()

Modify the state variable with the given function.

default modify

: Action m => (s -> s) -> m ()

instance ActionState s (State s)