Log Aggregation On Kubernetes

If configured so, every daml service can output its logs in JSON format on stdout. This makes it easy to analyze these with search engines like ElasticSearch in combination with Kibana.

To collect all logs for analyzing them e.g. in your ElasticSearch instance, one easy way to achieve this is using Filebeat. It regulary collects the logs of your containers and ingests them into Elasticsearch, Logstash or Kafka etc. and the best is, it doesn’t require any additional configuration for the daml services.

You can find external documentation on, how to setup ElasticSearch with Filebeat and Kibana for analyzing logs on your Kubernetes cluster here.

Daml Metrics Options

Most daml services support the option to export metrics for application insight. Currently we support exporting to these with the corresponding cli option:

  • Prometheus via --metrics-reporter "prometheus://HOST[:PORT]"
  • Graphite via --metrics-reporter "graphite://HOST[:PORT][/METRIC_PREFIX]"
  • console output (logs) via --metrics-reporter console