Obtaining Canton

Choosing Community or Enterprise

The Canton application is a single bundle that implements all types of nodes. Which role the application takes depends on the configuration. The main administration interface of the Canton application is the embedded console, which is part of the application.

Canton releases come in two variants: Community or Enterprise. Both support the full Canton protocol, but differ in terms of enterprise and non-functional capabilities:

Differences between Enterprise and Community Edition
Capability Enterprise Community
Daml Synchronisation Yes Yes
Sub-Transaction Privacy Yes Yes
Transaction Processing Parallel (fast) Sequential (slow)
High Availability Yes No
High Throughput via Microservices Yes No
Resource Management Yes No
Ledger Pruning Yes No
Postgres Backend Yes Yes
Oracle Backend Yes No
Besu Driver Yes No
Fabric Driver Yes No

Please follow below instructions in order to obtain your copy of Canton.

Downloading the Community Edition

The Community release is available from Github. You can also use our Canton Docker images by following our Docker instructions.

Downloading the Enterprise Edition

Enterprise releases are available on request (sales@digitalasset.com) and can be downloaded from the respective repository, or you can use our Canton Enterprise Docker images as described in our Docker instructions.

In order to get access to the enterprise repositories, please setup an account with auth0 and inform our sales representative about the auth0 account name you want to have associated with your Enterprise license. You will then be able to use your auth0 account to authenticate to JFrog and access the respective repositories.


  • Go to JFrog
  • Select the auth0 authorization in the bottom right corner of the JFrog login screen
  • Select the Sign up tab on the auth0 registration window
  • Add your company email, select a password and press the Sign up button
  • Inform our sales representative about the email you’ve chosen for your JFrog account.
  • You will receive a notification from DA once access has been granted.