package domain

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Type Members

  1. type CommandId = @@[, CommandIdTag]
  2. sealed trait CommandIdTag extends AnyRef
  3. final case class Commands(ledgerId: Option[LedgerId], workflowId: Option[WorkflowId], applicationId:, commandId: CommandId, submissionId: Option[SubmissionId], actAs: Set[Party], readAs: Set[Party], submittedAt: Timestamp, deduplicationPeriod: DeduplicationPeriod, commands: ApiCommands, disclosedContracts: ImmArray[DisclosedContract], domainId: Option[DomainId] = None, packagePreferenceSet: Set[PackageId] = Set.empty, packageMap: Map[PackageId, (PackageName, PackageVersion)] = Map.empty) extends PrettyPrinting with Product with Serializable
  4. sealed abstract class ConfigurationEntry extends Product with Serializable

    Configuration entry describes a change to the current configuration.

  5. sealed trait DisclosedContract extends Product with Serializable
  6. type EventId = @@[LedgerString, EventIdTag]
  7. sealed trait EventIdTag extends AnyRef
  8. sealed abstract class Feature extends Product with Serializable
  9. final case class Filters(inclusive: Option[InclusiveFilters]) extends Product with Serializable
  10. final case class IdentityProviderConfig(identityProviderId: Id, isDeactivated: Boolean = false, jwksUrl: JwksUrl, issuer: String, audience: Option[String]) extends Product with Serializable
  11. sealed trait IdentityProviderId extends AnyRef
  12. final case class InclusiveFilters(templateFilters: Set[TemplateFilter], interfaceFilters: Set[InterfaceFilter]) extends Product with Serializable
  13. final case class InterfaceFilter(interfaceId: Identifier, includeView: Boolean, includeCreatedEventBlob: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  14. final case class JwksUrl(value: String) extends AnyVal with Product with Serializable
  15. type LedgerId = @@[String, LedgerIdTag]
  16. sealed trait LedgerIdTag extends AnyRef
  17. sealed abstract class LedgerOffset extends Product with Serializable
  18. final case class NonUpgradableDisclosedContract(templateId: TypeConName, contractId: ContractId, argument: Value, createdAt: Timestamp, keyHash: Option[Hash], driverMetadata: Bytes) extends DisclosedContract with Product with Serializable
  19. final case class ObjectMeta(resourceVersionO: Option[Long], annotations: Map[String, String]) extends Product with Serializable
  20. sealed abstract class PackageEntry extends Product with Serializable
  21. type ParticipantId = @@[, ParticipantIdTag]
  22. sealed trait ParticipantIdTag extends AnyRef
  23. final case class PartyDetails(party: Party, displayName: Option[String], isLocal: Boolean, metadata: ObjectMeta, identityProviderId: IdentityProviderId) extends Product with Serializable
  24. type SubmissionId = @@[, SubmissionIdTag]
  25. sealed trait SubmissionIdTag extends AnyRef
  26. final case class TemplateFilter(templateTypeRef: TypeConRef, includeCreatedEventBlob: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  27. final case class TransactionFilter(filtersByParty: Map[Party, Filters]) extends Product with Serializable
  28. type TransactionId = @@[, TransactionIdTag]
  29. sealed trait TransactionIdTag extends AnyRef
  30. final case class UpgradableDisclosedContract(version: TransactionVersion, templateId: TypeConName, packageName: Option[PackageName], contractId: ContractId, argument: Value, createdAt: Timestamp, keyHash: Option[Hash], signatories: Set[Party], stakeholders: Set[Party], keyMaintainers: Option[Set[Party]], keyValue: Option[Value], driverMetadata: Bytes) extends DisclosedContract with Product with Serializable
  31. final case class User(id: UserId, primaryParty: Option[Party], isDeactivated: Boolean = false, metadata: ObjectMeta = ObjectMeta.empty, identityProviderId: IdentityProviderId = IdentityProviderId.Default) extends Product with Serializable
  32. sealed abstract class UserRight extends Product with Serializable
  33. type Value = daml.lf.value.Value
  34. type WorkflowId = @@[, WorkflowIdTag]
  35. sealed trait WorkflowIdTag extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. val CommandId: TagOf[CommandIdTag]
  2. val EventId: TagOf[EventIdTag]
  3. val LedgerId: TagOf[LedgerIdTag]
  4. val ParticipantId: TagOf[ParticipantIdTag]
  5. val SubmissionId: TagOf[SubmissionIdTag]
  6. val TransactionId: TagOf[TransactionIdTag]
  7. val WorkflowId: TagOf[WorkflowIdTag]
  8. implicit val eventIdOrdering: Ordering[EventId]
  9. def optionalLedgerId(raw: String): Option[LedgerId]
  10. object Commands extends Serializable
  11. object ConfigurationEntry extends Serializable
  12. object Feature extends Serializable
  13. object Filters extends Serializable
  14. object IdentityProviderId
  15. object JwksUrl extends Serializable
  16. object LedgerOffset extends Serializable
  17. object Logging
  18. object ObjectMeta extends Serializable
  19. object PackageEntry extends Serializable
  20. object TemplateFilter extends Serializable
  21. object UserRight extends Serializable

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