package api

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Package Members

  1. package auth
  2. package benchtool
  3. package domain
  4. package grpc
  5. package health
  6. package messages
  7. package refinements
  8. package services
  9. package tls
  10. package util
  11. package validation

Type Members

  1. sealed trait DeduplicationPeriod extends Product with Serializable

    Specifies the deduplication period for a command submission.

    Specifies the deduplication period for a command submission. Note that we would like to keep this easily extensible to support offsets and absolute timestamps, hence the usage of a trait here.

    See also

    com.digitalasset.canton.ledger.participant.state.v2.ReadService.stateUpdates for the deduplication guarantee

  2. trait ProxyCloseable extends AutoCloseable
  3. trait SubmissionIdGenerator extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object DeduplicationPeriod extends Serializable
  2. object SubmissionIdGenerator
  3. object TraceIdentifiers

    Extracts identifiers from Protobuf messages to correlate traces.

  4. object ValidationLogger