package store

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  1. package db
  2. package memory

Type Members

  1. class DbInitializationStore extends InitializationStore with DbStore
  2. class InMemoryInitializationStore extends InitializationStore with NamedLogging
  3. trait InitializationStore extends AutoCloseable

    Store where we keep the core identity of the node

    Store where we keep the core identity of the node

    In Canton, everybody is known by his unique identifier which consists of a string and a fingerprint of a signing key. Participant nodes and domains are known by their UID. This store here stores the identity of the node.

  4. final case class PartyMetadata(partyId: PartyId, displayName: Option[DisplayName], participantId: Option[ParticipantId])(effectiveTimestamp: CantonTimestamp, submissionId: String255, notified: Boolean = false) extends Product with Serializable

    the party metadata used to inform the ledger api server

    the party metadata used to inform the ledger api server

    the first class parameters correspond to the relevant information, whereas the second class parameters are synchronisation information used during crash recovery. we don't want these in an equality comparison.

  5. trait PartyMetadataStore extends AutoCloseable
  6. final case class PositiveSignedTopologyTransactions(adds: SignedTopologyTransactions[Add], replaces: SignedTopologyTransactions[Replace]) extends Product with Serializable
  7. final case class PositiveStoredTopologyTransactions(adds: StoredTopologyTransactions[Add], replaces: StoredTopologyTransactions[Replace]) extends Product with Serializable
  8. final case class SignedTopologyTransactions[+Op <: TopologyChangeOp](result: Seq[SignedTopologyTransaction[Op]]) extends Product with Serializable
  9. final case class StoredTopologyTransaction[+Op <: TopologyChangeOp](sequenced: SequencedTime, validFrom: EffectiveTime, validUntil: Option[EffectiveTime], transaction: SignedTopologyTransaction[Op]) extends PrettyPrinting with Product with Serializable
  10. final case class StoredTopologyTransactions[+Op <: TopologyChangeOp](result: Seq[StoredTopologyTransaction[Op]]) extends HasVersionedWrapper[StoredTopologyTransactions[TopologyChangeOp]] with PrettyPrinting with Product with Serializable
  11. sealed trait TimeQuery extends AnyRef
  12. abstract class TopologyStore[+StoreID <: TopologyStoreId] extends AutoCloseable
  13. trait TopologyStoreFactory extends AutoCloseable
  14. sealed trait TopologyStoreId extends AnyRef
  15. sealed trait TopologyTransactionRejection extends PrettyPrinting
  16. final case class ValidatedTopologyTransaction(transaction: SignedTopologyTransaction[TopologyChangeOp], rejectionReason: Option[TopologyTransactionRejection]) extends Product with Serializable