package domain

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  1. package grpc

Type Members

  1. class AgreementClient extends NamedLogging

    Simple wrapper around AgreementService which calls the wrapped service if the given sequencer connection is a GRPC one, otherwise it defaults to a noop, since the HTTP CCF sequencer does not yet implement an agreement service.

  2. class AgreementService extends NamedLogging with FlagCloseable
  3. class DomainAliasManager extends NamedLogging with DomainAliasResolution
  4. trait DomainAliasResolution extends AutoCloseable
  5. case class DomainConnectionConfig(domain: DomainAlias, sequencerConnection: SequencerConnection, manualConnect: Boolean = false, domainId: Option[DomainId] = None, priority: Int = 0, initialRetryDelay: Option[NonNegativeFiniteDuration] = None, maxRetryDelay: Option[NonNegativeFiniteDuration] = None, timeTracker: DomainTimeTrackerConfig = DomainTimeTrackerConfig()) extends HasVersionedWrapper[VersionedDomainConnectionConfig] with HasProtoV0[admin.v0.DomainConnectionConfig] with PrettyPrinting with Product with Serializable
  6. trait DomainHandle extends AutoCloseable

    A context handle serving all necessary information / connectivity utilities for the node to setup a connection to a new domain

  7. trait DomainRegistry extends AutoCloseable

    A registry of domains.

  8. sealed trait DomainRegistryError extends Product with Serializable with CantonError
  9. trait DomainRegistryHelpers extends FlagCloseable with NamedLogging
  10. class HttpSequencerConnectClient extends SequencerConnectClient with NamedLogging
  11. trait SequencerConnectClient extends NamedLogging with AutoCloseable