package service

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  1. trait CloseNotification extends AnyRef

    Allows instances to flag when they have actually closed.

    Allows instances to flag when they have actually closed. Works around that FlagClosable only has one concurrent caller perform onClosed and other callers may not know when this has completed. TODO(#5705) This is overly complex and custom, revisit subscription pool closing

  2. class DirectSequencerSubscriptionFactory extends NamedLogging

    Factory for creating resilient subscriptions directly to an in-process sequencer.Sequencer

  3. class GrpcEnterpriseSequencerAdministrationService extends EnterpriseSequencerAdministrationService with GrpcPruningScheduler with HasPruningScheduler with NamedLogging
  4. trait GrpcHandshakeService extends AnyRef
  5. class GrpcSequencerAdministrationService extends SequencerAdministrationService with NamedLogging
  6. class GrpcSequencerAuthenticationService extends SequencerAuthenticationService with NamedLogging
  7. class GrpcSequencerConnectService extends SequencerConnectService with GrpcHandshakeService with NamedLogging

    Sequencer connect service on gRPC

  8. class GrpcSequencerInitializationService extends SequencerInitializationService with NamedLogging with NoTracing

    Will initialize the sequencer server based using the provided initialize function when called.

  9. class GrpcSequencerInitializationServiceX extends SequencerInitializationService with NamedLogging
  10. class GrpcSequencerService extends SequencerService with NamedLogging with FlagCloseable

    Service providing a GRPC connection to the sequencer.Sequencer instance.

  11. class GrpcSequencerTopologyBootstrapService extends TopologyBootstrapService with NamedLogging
  12. class GrpcSequencerVersionService extends SequencerVersionService with GrpcHandshakeService with NamedLogging
  13. trait ManagedSubscription extends FlagCloseable with CloseNotification

    Trait for the grpc managed subscription to allow easy testing without GRPC infrastructure

  14. class SubscriptionPool[Subscription <: ManagedSubscription] extends FlagCloseable with NamedLogging

    Connects GRPC Sequencer subscriptions with subscriptions to the sequencer itself.

    Connects GRPC Sequencer subscriptions with subscriptions to the sequencer itself. Ensures that when one side is closed that the other is. When the subscription manager is closed all active subscriptions and responses will be closed.