package domain

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  1. package admin
  2. package api
  3. package block
  4. package config
  5. package initialization
  6. package manager
  7. package mediator
  8. package metrics
  9. package protocol
  10. package sequencing
  11. package server
  12. package service
  13. package topology

Type Members

  1. class Domain extends CantonNode with NamedLogging with HasUptime with NoTracing

    A domain in the system.

    A domain in the system.

    The domain offers to the participant nodes: - sequencing for total-order multicast. - mediator as part of the transaction protocol coordination. - identity providing service.

  2. class DomainNodeBootstrap extends CantonNodeBootstrapBase[Domain, DomainConfig, DomainNodeParameters, DomainMetrics] with DomainTopologyManagerIdentityInitialization[StoredDomainNodeSettings]

    Startup / Bootstrapping class for domain

    Startup / Bootstrapping class for domain

    The domain startup has three stages: (1) start core services, wait until domainId is initialized (first time) (2) start domain topology manager, wait until essential state is seeded (sequencer, identity and mediator keys are set) (3) start domain entities

  3. final case class DomainNodeParameters(general: General, protocol: Protocol, maxBurstFactor: PositiveDouble) extends CantonNodeParameters with HasGeneralCantonNodeParameters with HasProtocolCantonNodeParameters with CantonNodeWithSequencerParameters with Product with Serializable

    Parameters used by domain nodes

    Parameters used by domain nodes

    We "merge" parameters that are valid for all nodes (i.e. canton.parameters) and the node specific parameters together into this class.


    the node parameters required by the base class


    related parameters which are configured differently (not all nodes have the same set of parameters)