package repair

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  1. final case class RepairContext(str: String255) extends LengthLimitedStringWrapper with PrettyPrinting with Product with Serializable

    Make tracecontext mandatory throughout repair operations.

    Make tracecontext mandatory throughout repair operations.


    the w3c serialized tracing information of the trace parent The W3C standard specifies that the traceparent is length-limited -> thus it is safe to limit it to 255 characters However, Tracestates aren't limited, so the repair context should be saved as a blob (like com.digitalasset.canton.tracing.TraceContext) if we want to use it for repair contexts

  2. final class RepairService extends NamedLogging with FlagCloseable with HasCloseContext

    Implements the repair commands.

    Implements the repair commands. Repair commands work only if the participant has disconnected from the affected domains. Every individual repair commands is executed transactionally, i.e., either all its effects are applied or none. This is achieved in the same way as for request processing:

    If anything goes wrong before advancing the clean request prehead, the already persisted data will be cleaned up upon the next repair request or reconnection to the domain.

  3. sealed trait RepairServiceError extends Product with Serializable with BaseCantonError

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