package participant

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Package Members

  1. package admin
  2. package config
  3. package domain
  4. package event
  5. package grpc
  6. package ledger
  7. package metrics
  8. package protocol
  9. package pruning
  10. package replica
  11. package scheduler
  12. package store
  13. package sync
  14. package topology
  15. package traffic
  16. package util

Type Members

  1. class CantonLedgerApiServerFactory extends NamedLogging
  2. abstract class EnterpriseParticipantNodeFactoryCommon[B <: CantonNodeBootstrap[_]] extends Factory[EnterpriseParticipantConfig, B]
  3. type GlobalOffset = Long
  4. type LedgerSyncOffset = Offset
  5. type LedgerSyncRecordTime = Timestamp
  6. type LocalOffset = Long
  7. class ParticipantNode extends ParticipantNodeCommon with NoTracing

    A participant node in the system.

    A participant node in the system.

    The participant node can connect to a number of domains and offers: - the ledger API to its application. - the participant node admin API to its operator.

  8. class ParticipantNodeBootstrap extends CantonNodeBootstrapBase[ParticipantNode, LocalParticipantConfig, ParticipantNodeParameters, ParticipantMetrics] with ParticipantNodeBootstrapCommon
  9. trait ParticipantNodeBootstrapCommon extends AnyRef
  10. class ParticipantNodeBootstrapX extends CantonNodeBootstrapX[ParticipantNodeX, LocalParticipantConfig, ParticipantNodeParameters, ParticipantMetrics] with ParticipantNodeBootstrapCommon
  11. abstract class ParticipantNodeCommon extends CantonNode with NamedLogging with HasUptime
  12. final case class ParticipantNodeParameters(general: General, partyChangeNotification: PartyNotificationConfig, adminWorkflow: AdminWorkflowConfig, maxUnzippedDarSize: Int, stores: ParticipantStoreConfig, transferTimeProofFreshnessProportion: NonNegativeInt, protocolConfig: ParticipantProtocolConfig, uniqueContractKeys: Boolean, ledgerApiServerParameters: LedgerApiServerParametersConfig, maxDbConnections: Int, excludeInfrastructureTransactions: Boolean, enableEngineStackTrace: Boolean) extends CantonNodeParameters with HasGeneralCantonNodeParameters with Product with Serializable
  13. class ParticipantNodeX extends ParticipantNodeCommon

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