package admin

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  1. package data
  2. package grpc
  3. package inspection
  4. package repair
  5. package v0
  6. package workflows

Type Members

  1. final case class AdminWorkflowConfig(bongTestMaxLevel: Long = 0, retries: Int = 10, submissionTimeout: NonNegativeFiniteDuration = NonNegativeFiniteDuration.ofHours(1), autoloadDar: Boolean = true) extends Product with Serializable

    Configuration options for Canton admin workflows like

    Configuration options for Canton admin workflows like


    Upper bound on the level of a bong that the participant can initiate. The participant can still participate in bongs at higher levels. Use this to limit the load the participants can cause by initiating bongs.


    The maximum number of times the com.digitalasset.canton.participant.ledger.api.client.CommandSubmitterWithRetry will retry an admin command submitted to the com.digitalasset.canton.participant.admin.AdminWorkflowServices.


    Defines how long an admin workflow waits until it observes a completion for its command submissions before it assumes that the submission is lost and retries. If a lower timeout value is specified for an admin workflow, they take precedence.

  2. trait AdminWorkflowService extends AutoCloseable

    Admin service that connects to the ledger and process events

  3. class AdminWorkflowServices extends FlagCloseableAsync with NamedLogging with Spanning with NoTracing

    Manages our admin workflow applications (ping, dar distribution).

    Manages our admin workflow applications (ping, dar distribution). Currently each is individual application with their own ledger connection and acting independently.

  4. trait DarService extends AnyRef
  5. class DomainConnectivityService extends NamedLogging
  6. class EnterpriseResourceManagementService extends ResourceManagementService
  7. class PackageDependencyResolver extends NamedLogging with FlagCloseable with PackageDependencyResolverUS
  8. trait PackageOps extends NamedLogging
  9. abstract class PackageOpsCommon extends PackageOps
  10. class PackageOpsImpl extends PackageOpsCommon
  11. class PackageService extends DarService with PackageInfoService with NamedLogging with FlagCloseable
  12. class PackageUpgradeValidator extends NamedLogging
  13. class PackageUploader extends NamedLogging with FlagCloseable

    Stateful class encapsulating the DAR upload flow.

    Stateful class encapsulating the DAR upload flow. It manages an in-memory state used for resolving package-id to (package-name, package-version) pairs needed for package upgrade validations on DAR uploads.

  14. class PingService extends AdminWorkflowService with FlagCloseable with HasCloseContext with NamedLogging

    Implements the core of the ledger ping service for a participant.

    Implements the core of the ledger ping service for a participant. The service measures the time needed for a nanobot on the responder to act on a contract created by the initiator.

    The main functionality: 1. once instantiated, it automatically starts a Scala Nanobot that responds to pings for this participant 2. it provides a ping method that sends a ping to the given (target) party


  15. final case class ResourceLimits(maxDirtyRequests: Option[NonNegativeInt], maxRate: Option[NonNegativeInt], maxBurstFactor: PositiveDouble = ResourceLimits.defaultMaxBurstFactor) extends Product with Serializable

    Encapsulated resource limits for a participant.

    Encapsulated resource limits for a participant.


    the maximum number of requests that are currently being validated. This also covers requests submitted by other participants.


    the maximum rate at which commands may be submitted through the ledger api.


    to ratio of the max rate, describing the maximum acceptable initial burst before the steady rate limiting kicks in. example: if maxRate is 100 and the burst ratio is 0.3, then the first 30 commands can submitted in the same instant, while thereafter, only one command every 10ms is accepted.

  16. trait ResourceManagementService extends AnyRef
  17. class TransferService extends AnyRef