package client

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Type Members

  1. sealed trait CommandResult extends PrettyPrinting with Product with Serializable
  2. class CommandSubmitterWithRetry extends NamedLogging with FlagCloseableAsync

    Wraps a synchronous command client with the ability to retry commands that failed with retryable errors up to a given max number of retries.

  3. trait LedgerAcs extends LedgerSubmit
  4. trait LedgerConnection extends LedgerSubmit with LedgerAcs
  5. trait LedgerSubmit extends FlagCloseableAsync

    Extract from connection for only submitting functionality

  6. trait LedgerSubscription extends FlagCloseableAsync with NamedLogging

    Subscription for reading the ledger

Value Members

  1. object CommandResult extends Serializable
  2. object CommandSubmitterWithRetry
  3. object JavaDecodeUtil
  4. object LedgerConnection
  5. object ValueRemapper

    Utilities for modifying ledger api values, e.g.

    Utilities for modifying ledger api values, e.g. to make them suitable for importing into canton:

    Contract ids: Importing a set of contracts often requires awareness of contract dependencies and references to ensure that when contract ids are modified that references are updates to reflect such modifications.

    Party ids: Contracts from non-canton daml ledgers are incompatible with canton party ids that contain additional information (fingerprint suffix). Remapping party ids enables updating embedded party id types to conform to the canton party id format.