package db

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  1. class DbAcsCommitmentStore extends AcsCommitmentStore with DbPrunableByTimeDomain with DbStore
  2. class DbActiveContractStore extends ActiveContractStore with DbStore with DbPrunableByTimeDomain

    Active contracts journal

    Active contracts journal

    This database table has the following indexes to support scaling query performance: - CREATE index active_contracts_dirty_request_reset_idx ON active_contracts (domain_id, request_counter) used on startup of the SyncDomain to delete all dirty requests. - CREATE index active_contracts_contract_id_idx ON active_contracts (contract_id) used in conflict detection for point wise lookup of the contract status. - CREATE index active_contracts_ts_domain_id_idx ON active_contracts (ts, domain_id) used on startup by the SyncDomain to replay ACS changes to the ACS commitment processor.

  3. class DbCommandDeduplicationStore extends CommandDeduplicationStore with DbStore
  4. class DbCommitmentQueue extends CommitmentQueue with DbStore
  5. class DbContractKeyJournal extends ContractKeyJournal with DbStore with DbPrunableByTimeDomain
  6. class DbContractStore extends ContractStore with DbStore
  7. class DbDamlPackageStore extends DamlPackageStore with DbStore
  8. class DbDomainConnectionConfigStore extends DomainConnectionConfigStore with DbStore
  9. class DbDomainParameterStore extends DomainParameterStore with DbStore
  10. class DbInFlightSubmissionStore extends InFlightSubmissionStore with DbStore
  11. class DbIncrementalCommitmentStore extends IncrementalCommitmentStore with DbStore
  12. class DbMultiDomainEventLog extends MultiDomainEventLog with FlagCloseableAsync with HasCloseContext with NamedLogging with HasFlushFuture

    Must be created by factory methods on DbSingleDimensionEventLog for optionality on how to perform the required async initialization of current head.

  13. class DbParticipantEventLog extends DbSingleDimensionEventLog[ParticipantEventLogId] with ParticipantEventLog
  14. final class DbParticipantPruningSchedulerStore extends ParticipantPruningSchedulerStore with DbStore with NamedLogging
  15. class DbParticipantPruningStore extends ParticipantPruningStore with DbStore
  16. class DbParticipantSettingsStore extends ParticipantSettingsStore with DbStore
  17. class DbRegisteredDomainsStore extends RegisteredDomainsStore with DbStore
  18. class DbRequestJournalStore extends RequestJournalStore with DbStore
  19. class DbServiceAgreementStore extends ServiceAgreementStore with DbStore
  20. class DbSingleDimensionEventLog[+Id <: EventLogId] extends SingleDimensionEventLog[Id] with DbStore
  21. class DbSubmissionTrackerStore extends SubmissionTrackerStore with DbPrunableByTimeDomain with DbStore
  22. abstract class DbSyncDomainPersistentStateCommon extends SyncDomainPersistentState with AutoCloseable with NoTracing
  23. class DbSyncDomainPersistentStateOld extends DbSyncDomainPersistentStateCommon with SyncDomainPersistentStateOld
  24. class DbSyncDomainPersistentStateX extends DbSyncDomainPersistentStateCommon with SyncDomainPersistentStateX
  25. class DbTransferStore extends TransferStore with DbStore