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  1. package service
  2. package store

Type Members

  1. class DomainManagerBootstrap extends CantonNodeBootstrapBase[DomainManagerNode, DomainBaseConfig, DomainManagerNodeParameters, DomainMetrics] with DomainTopologyManagerIdentityInitialization[StoredDomainMangerNodeSettings]

    Startup / Bootstrapping class for domain manager

  2. class DomainManagerNode extends CantonNode with NamedLogging with HasUptime with NoTracing

    A domain manager in the system.

    A domain manager in the system.

    The domain manager offers: - identity providing service. - distributed domain bootstrapping.

  3. final case class DomainManagerNodeParameters(general: General, protocol: Protocol) extends CantonNodeParameters with HasGeneralCantonNodeParameters with HasProtocolCantonNodeParameters with Product with Serializable

    Parameters used by domain managers nodes

    Parameters used by domain managers nodes

    We "merge" parameters that are valid for all nodes (i.e. canton.parameters) and the node specific parameters together into this class.


    the node parameters required by the base class


    related parameters which are configured differently (not all nodes have the same set of parameters)

  4. class DomainManagerReplicaManager extends ReplicaManager

    Manages replicas of a single Domain Manager instance.

    Manages replicas of a single Domain Manager instance. Passive instances are currently entirely passive and have no components running at runtime. When becoming active a DomainManagerRuntime is started and connected to the admin services. When becoming passive the running DomainManagerRuntime is shutdown and the admin services are disconnected.

    If the admin services are called while passive every method will return an unavailable response.

  5. class DomainManagerReplicaManagerException extends RuntimeException

    An unexpected error occurred while transitioning between replica states

  6. trait DomainManagerRuntime extends FlagCloseable

    Domain manager component and its supporting services

  7. trait DomainManagerRuntimeFactory extends AnyRef
  8. class EnterpriseDomainManagerRuntimeFactory extends DomainManagerRuntimeFactory with NamedLogging

Value Members

  1. object DomainManagerBootstrap