DAML roadmap (as of September 2019)

This page specifies the major features we’re planning to add next to the DAML Ecosystem. Plans and timelines are subject to change. If you need any of these features or want to request others, see the Support page for how to get in touch.

We plan to update this roadmap roughly every three months.

  • DAML Triggers

    Support for non-transactional automation written directly in DAML. See discusison on GitHub

  • Developer tooling

    Improved developer experience and functionality on

    • Package Management
    • Party Allocation and Management
    • Application Deployment
    • Application Upgrading
  • API Authentication

    Addition of JWT based authentication to the Ledger API

  • High Level API

    A HTTP/JSON-based high-level API with querying capabilities

  • Ledger Ops Tooling

    Tooling for monitoring, logging and health checking ledgers

  • Canton

    Public release of a pre-alpha reference distributed DAML Ledger implementation with a public test-net, strong privacy, regulatory compliance, and composabilty

    See canton.io

  • Deployment Options