Have questions or feedback? You’re in the right place.

  • Questions: Stack Overflow

    For “how do I?”, “why does something work this way” or “I’ve got a programming problem I’m trying to solve” questions, the daml tag on Stack Overflow is the best place to ask.

    If you’re not sure what makes a good question, take a look at this checklist.

  • Help and feedback: Slack

    If you want to give feedback, or have questions that aren’t right for Stack Overflow, you can join the DAML community on Slack and talk to us in the #public channel.

When you’re in the community Slack or on Stack Overflow, please keep to the Code of Conduct.

Support expectations

For community users (ie on Slack and Stack Overflow):

  • Timing: You can enjoy the support of the community, which is provided for you out of their own good will and free time. On top of that, a Digital Asset employee will try to reply to unanswered questions within two business days.

    Business days are affected by public holidays. Engineers contributing to DAML are mostly located in Zurich and New York, so please be mindful of the public holidays in those locations ( maintains an unofficial list of holidays for both Switzerland and the United States).

  • Public support: We only offer public support - for example, on the #public channel in Slack.

    We can’t answer questions in private messages or over email, so please only ask questions in the #public channel.

  • Level of support: We’re happy to answer questions about error messages you’re encountering, or discuss DAML design questions. However, we can’t provide more extensive consultation on how to build your DAML application or the languages, frameworks, libraries and tools you may use to build it.

If you need private support, or want consultation from DA about how to build your DAML application, we offer paid support. Please contact us to ask about pricing.