package cli

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Type Members

  1. case class Cli(configFiles: Seq[File] = Seq(), configMap: Map[String, String] = Map(), command: Option[Command] = None, noTty: Boolean = false, levelRoot: Option[Level] = None, levelCanton: Option[Level] = None, levelStdout: Level = Level.WARN, logFileAppender: LogFileAppender = LogFileAppender.Rolling, logFileRollingPattern: Option[String] = None, logFileHistory: Option[Int] = None, logTruncate: Boolean = false, logFileName: Option[String] = None, logEncoder: LogEncoder = LogEncoder.Plain, logLastErrors: Boolean = true, logLastErrorsFileName: Option[String] = None, logImmediateFlush: Option[Boolean] = None, bootstrapScriptPath: Option[File] = None, manualStart: Boolean = false, autoConnectLocal: Boolean = false) extends Product with Serializable

    CLI Options

    CLI Options


    Configuration files to load


    Command specification to perform a particular action


    Do we know the process does not have access to a tty? Used for disabling rich REPL input for environments where it may not be available (e.g. docker, IntelliJ)

  2. sealed trait Command extends AnyRef
  3. sealed trait LogEncoder extends AnyRef
  4. sealed trait LogFileAppender extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Cli extends Serializable
  2. object Command
  3. object LogEncoder
  4. object LogFileAppender