package tracing

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Type Members

  1. trait HasTraceContext extends AnyRef
  2. trait NoTracing extends AnyRef

    Exposes an empty TraceContext so a logging.TracedLogger can still be used.

  3. trait Spanning extends AnyRef
  4. class TraceContext extends HasVersionedWrapper[VersionedMessage[TraceContext]] with Equals with Serializable with NoCopy with PrettyPrinting

    Container for values tracing operations through canton.

  5. case class Traced[+A](value: A)(implicit traceContext: TraceContext) extends HasTraceContext with Product with Serializable

    Wrapper for items that have a related trace context.

    Wrapper for items that have a related trace context. Intended for where the TraceContext cannot be passed explicitly (e.g. function types or akka-streams).

  6. trait TracerProvider extends AutoCloseable

    Provides tracer for span reporting and takes care of closing resources

  7. case class TracingConfig(propagation: Propagation = Propagation.Enabled, tracer: Tracer = Tracer()) extends Product with Serializable


    How should trace contexts (debugging details associated with actions) be propagated between nodes.


    Tracer configuration

  8. case class W3CTraceContext(parent: String, state: Option[String] = None) extends Serializable with Product

    Our representation of the w3c trace context values:

Value Members

  1. object BatchTracing

    Utility mixin for creating a single trace context from a batch of traced items

  2. object NoReportingTracerProvider extends ReportingTracerProvider

    Generates traces but does not report

  3. object Spanning
  4. object TraceContext extends HasVersionedMessageCompanion[TraceContext] with Serializable
  5. object TraceContextGrpc

    Support for propagating TraceContext values across GRPC boundaries.

    Support for propagating TraceContext values across GRPC boundaries. Includes:

    • a client interceptor for setting context values when sending requests to a server
    • a server interceptor for receiving context values when receiving requests from a client
  6. object Traced extends Serializable
  7. object TracerProvider
  8. object TracingConfig extends Serializable
  9. object W3CTraceContext extends Serializable