package tracing

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Type Members

  1. trait HasTraceContext extends AnyRef
  2. trait NoTracing extends AnyRef

    Exposes an empty TraceContext so a logging.TracedLogger can still be used.

  3. final case class SerializableTraceContext(traceContext: TraceContext) extends HasVersionedWrapper[SerializableTraceContext] with Product with Serializable

    Wrapper around TraceContext to keep serialization out of the TraceContext itself and thereby reduce its dependencies.

  4. trait Spanning extends AnyRef
  5. trait TelemetryTracing extends AnyRef
  6. class TraceContext extends Equals with Serializable with NoCopy

    Container for values tracing operations through canton.

  7. final case class Traced[+A](value: A)(implicit traceContext: TraceContext) extends HasTraceContext with Product with Serializable

    Wrapper for items that have a related trace context.

    Wrapper for items that have a related trace context. Intended for where the TraceContext cannot be passed explicitly (e.g. function types or pekko-streams).

  8. trait TracerProvider extends AnyRef

    Provides tracer for span reporting and takes care of closing resources

  9. final case class TracingConfig(propagation: Propagation = Propagation.Enabled, tracer: Tracer = Tracer()) extends Product with Serializable


    How should trace contexts (debugging details associated with actions) be propagated between nodes.


    Tracer configuration

  10. final case class W3CTraceContext(parent: String, state: Option[String] = None) extends Serializable with Product

    Our representation of the w3c trace context values:

Value Members

  1. object BatchTracing

    Utility mixin for creating a single trace context from a batch of traced items

  2. object NoReportingTracerProvider extends ReportingTracerProvider

    Generates traces but does not report

  3. object NoopSpanExporter extends SpanExporter
  4. object SerializableTraceContext extends HasVersionedMessageCompanion[SerializableTraceContext] with HasVersionedMessageCompanionDbHelpers[SerializableTraceContext] with Serializable
  5. object Spanning
  6. object TraceContext extends Serializable
  7. object TraceContextGrpc

    Support for propagating TraceContext values across GRPC boundaries.

    Support for propagating TraceContext values across GRPC boundaries. Includes:

    • a client interceptor for setting context values when sending requests to a server
    • a server interceptor for receiving context values when receiving requests from a client
  8. object Traced extends Serializable
  9. object TracerProvider
  10. object TracingConfig extends Serializable
  11. object W3CTraceContext extends Serializable