package console

General console utilities

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Package Members

  1. package commands
  2. package macros

Type Members

  1. trait AdminCommandRunner extends AnyRef

    Support for running an admin command

  2. trait AmmoniteCacheLock extends AnyRef
  3. final case class AmmoniteConsoleConfig(cacheDir: Option[File] = AmmoniteConsoleConfig.defaultCacheDir, workingDir: Option[File] = None, colors: Boolean = true, verbose: Boolean = false, defaultLimit: PositiveInt = PositiveInt.tryCreate(1000)) extends Product with Serializable

    Configure behaviour of ammonite

    Configure behaviour of ammonite


    cache dir, defaults to ~/.ammonite. If none is given, in-memory is used. If you specify a cache dir, the Canton repl will startup faster. In our tests, we have very rarely observed unexpected compile errors when the cache was enabled; if you want to avoid that, set the cache dir to None (i.e. cache-dir = null in the config file).


    working directory. if none is given, we'll use the working directory of the Canton process


    if true (default), we'll use color output


    if true (not default), we'll emit verbose ammonite output


    default limit parameter for commands that can potentially return many results

  4. trait BaseInspection[I <: CantonNode] extends AnyRef

    Support for inspecting the instance

  5. final case class BindingsHolder(bindings: IndexedSeq[Bind[_]]) extends Product with Serializable

    ammonite requires a ApiHolder in this pattern to make items through bindings available within the dynamic Console environment.

  6. class BootstrapScriptException extends RuntimeException

    Thrown when the bootstrap script fails to execute

  7. trait CantonHealthAdministration[Status <: CantonStatus] extends Helpful with NamedLogging with NoTracing
  8. class CantonInternalError extends Throwable with NoStackTrace with CommandExecutionFailedException
  9. class CommandFailure extends Throwable with NoStackTrace with CommandExecutionFailedException
  10. final case class CommandSuccessful[+A](value: A) extends ConsoleCommandResult[A] with Product with Serializable

    Successful command result

    Successful command result


    The value returned from the command

  11. class CommunityCantonHealthAdministration extends CantonHealthAdministration[CommunityCantonStatus]
  12. trait CommunityDomainReference extends AnyRef
  13. class CommunityHealthDumpGenerator extends HealthDumpGenerator[CommunityCantonStatus]
  14. class CommunityLocalDomainReference extends DomainReference with CommunityDomainReference with LocalDomainReference
  15. class CommunityRemoteDomainReference extends DomainReference with CommunityDomainReference with RemoteDomainReference
  16. sealed trait ConsoleCommandResult[+A] extends AnyRef

    Response from a console command.

  17. trait ConsoleEnvironment extends NamedLogging with FlagCloseable with NoTracing

    The environment in which console commands are evaluated.

    The environment in which console commands are evaluated.

  18. class ConsoleEnvironmentBinding extends AnyRef

    To make the ConsoleEnvironment functionality conveniently available in ammonite we stash it in a implicit variable included as a predef before any script or REPL commands are run.

  19. trait ConsoleErrorHandler extends AnyRef

    Handle an error from a console.

    Handle an error from a console. We expect this implementation will either throw or exit, hence the scala.Nothing return type.

  20. class ConsoleGrpcAdminCommandRunner extends GrpcAdminCommandRunner
  21. trait ConsoleMacros extends NamedLogging with NoTracing
  22. trait ConsoleOutput extends AnyRef

    Interface for output to the Console user.

  23. abstract class DomainManagerNodeReference extends InstanceReference with DomainAdministration with SequencerConnectionAdministration with SetupAdministration
  24. trait DomainReference extends InstanceReference with DomainAdministration with InstanceReferenceWithSequencer
  25. implicit class EitherToCommandResultExtensions[A, B] extends AnyRef

    Turn a either into a command result.

    Turn a either into a command result. Left is considered an error, Right is successful.

  26. class EnterpriseConsoleEnvironment extends ConsoleEnvironment
  27. trait EnterpriseConsoleMacros extends ConsoleMacros

    Contains all the macros that are only available in the enterprise version

  28. trait EnterpriseDomainReference extends DomainReference
  29. class EnterpriseLocalDomainReference extends EnterpriseDomainReference with LocalDomainReference
  30. class EnterpriseRemoteDomainReference extends EnterpriseDomainReference with RemoteDomainReference
  31. class ExternalLedgerApiClient extends BaseLedgerApiAdministration with LedgerApiCommandRunner with FeatureFlagFilter with NamedLogging

    Bare, Canton agnostic parts of the ledger-api client

    Bare, Canton agnostic parts of the ledger-api client

    This implementation allows to access any kind of ledger-api client, which does not need to be Canton based. However, this comes at some cost, as some of the synchronization between nodes during transaction submission is not supported

  32. sealed trait FeatureFlag extends AnyRef
  33. trait FeatureFlagFilter extends NamedLogging
  34. class GrpcAdminCommandRunner extends NamedLogging with AutoCloseable with Spanning

    Attempt to run a grpc admin-api command against whatever is pointed at in the config

  35. trait GrpcRemoteInstanceReference extends RemoteInstanceReference
  36. class HeadlessConsole extends AutoCloseable
  37. trait HealthDumpGenerator[Status <: CantonStatus] extends AnyRef

    Generates a health dump zip file containing information about the current Canton process This is the core of the implementation of the HealthDump gRPC endpoint.

  38. trait Helpful extends AnyRef

    Implementors will have a help method available that will be callable from the Console.

    Implementors will have a help method available that will be callable from the Console. Implementors should annotate appropriate methods with @Help.Summary to have them included.

  39. trait InstanceReference extends InstanceReferenceCommon

    Reference to "Old" daml 2.x nodes have: - parties admin commands - "old" topology admin commands based on "old" TopologyChangeOp

  40. trait InstanceReferenceCommon extends AdminCommandRunner with Helpful with NamedLogging with FeatureFlagFilter with PrettyPrinting
  41. trait InstanceReferenceWithSequencer extends InstanceReferenceWithSequencerConnection
  42. trait InstanceReferenceWithSequencerConnection extends InstanceReferenceCommon
  43. trait InstanceReferenceX extends InstanceReferenceCommon

    InstanceReferenceX with different topology administration x

  44. trait LedgerApiCommandRunner extends AnyRef

    Support for running ledgerApi commands

  45. class LocalDomainManagerReference extends DomainManagerNodeReference with BaseInspection[DomainManagerNode] with LocalInstanceReference
  46. trait LocalDomainReference extends DomainReference with BaseInspection[Domain] with LocalInstanceReference
  47. class LocalDomainReferencesExtensions extends LocalInstancesExtensions
  48. trait LocalInstanceReference extends LocalInstanceReferenceCommon with InstanceReference
  49. trait LocalInstanceReferenceCommon extends InstanceReferenceCommon with NoTracing

    Pointer for a potentially running instance by instance type (domain/participant) and its id.

    Pointer for a potentially running instance by instance type (domain/participant) and its id. These methods define the REPL interface for these instances (e.g. participant1 start)

  50. trait LocalInstanceReferenceX extends LocalInstanceReferenceCommon with InstanceReferenceX
  51. trait LocalInstancesExtensions extends Helpful

    Aliases to manage a sequence of instances in a REPL environment

  52. class LocalMediatorReference extends MediatorReference with LocalMediatorReferenceCommon with LocalInstanceReference with BaseInspection[MediatorNode]
  53. trait LocalMediatorReferenceCommon extends MediatorReferenceCommon with LocalInstanceReferenceCommon
  54. class LocalMediatorReferenceX extends MediatorReferenceX with LocalMediatorReferenceCommon with LocalInstanceReferenceX with SequencerConnectionAdministration with BaseInspection[MediatorNodeX]
  55. class LocalParticipantReference extends ParticipantReference with LocalParticipantReferenceCommon with LocalInstanceReference with BaseInspection[ParticipantNode]
  56. sealed trait LocalParticipantReferenceCommon extends LedgerApiCommandRunner with ParticipantReferenceCommon with LocalInstanceReferenceCommon
  57. class LocalParticipantReferenceX extends ParticipantReferenceX with LocalParticipantReferenceCommon with LocalInstanceReferenceX with BaseInspection[ParticipantNodeX]
  58. class LocalParticipantReferencesExtensions extends ParticipantReferencesExtensions with LocalInstancesExtensions
  59. class LocalSequencerNodeReference extends SequencerNodeReference with LocalSequencerNodeReferenceCommon with LocalInstanceReference with BaseInspection[SequencerNode]
  60. trait LocalSequencerNodeReferenceCommon extends LocalInstanceReferenceCommon
  61. class LocalSequencerNodeReferenceX extends SequencerNodeReferenceX with LocalSequencerNodeReferenceCommon with LocalInstanceReferenceX with BaseInspection[SequencerNodeX]
  62. abstract class MediatorReference extends MediatorReferenceCommon with InstanceReference with SequencerConnectionAdministration
  63. trait MediatorReferenceCommon extends InstanceReferenceCommon
  64. abstract class MediatorReferenceX extends MediatorReferenceCommon with MediatorXAdministrationGroupWithInit with InstanceReferenceX
  65. final case class NodeReferences[A, R <: A, L <: A](local: Seq[L], remote: Seq[R]) extends Product with Serializable
  66. abstract class ParticipantReference extends ParticipantReferenceCommon with InstanceReference
  67. sealed trait ParticipantReferenceCommon extends ConsoleCommandGroup with ParticipantAdministration with LedgerApiAdministration with LedgerApiCommandRunner with AdminCommandRunner with InstanceReferenceCommon
  68. abstract class ParticipantReferenceX extends ParticipantReferenceCommon with InstanceReferenceX
  69. class ParticipantReferencesExtensions extends Helpful with NamedLogging with FeatureFlagFilter
  70. class RemoteDomainManagerReference extends DomainManagerNodeReference with GrpcRemoteInstanceReference
  71. trait RemoteDomainReference extends DomainReference with GrpcRemoteInstanceReference
  72. trait RemoteInstanceReference extends InstanceReferenceCommon
  73. class RemoteMediatorReference extends MediatorReference with RemoteMediatorReferenceCommon
  74. trait RemoteMediatorReferenceCommon extends GrpcRemoteInstanceReference
  75. class RemoteMediatorReferenceX extends MediatorReferenceX with RemoteMediatorReferenceCommon
  76. class RemoteParticipantReference extends ParticipantReference with GrpcRemoteInstanceReference with RemoteParticipantReferenceCommon
  77. sealed trait RemoteParticipantReferenceCommon extends LedgerApiCommandRunner with ParticipantReferenceCommon
  78. class RemoteParticipantReferenceX extends ParticipantReferenceX with GrpcRemoteInstanceReference with RemoteParticipantReferenceCommon
  79. class RemoteSequencerNodeReference extends SequencerNodeReference with RemoteSequencerNodeReferenceCommon
  80. trait RemoteSequencerNodeReferenceCommon extends SequencerNodeReferenceCommon with RemoteInstanceReference
  81. class RemoteSequencerNodeReferenceX extends SequencerNodeReferenceX with RemoteSequencerNodeReferenceCommon
  82. abstract class SequencerNodeReference extends SequencerNodeReferenceCommon with InstanceReferenceWithSequencer with InstanceReference with SequencerNodeAdministration
  83. trait SequencerNodeReferenceCommon extends InstanceReferenceCommon with InstanceReferenceWithSequencerConnection
  84. abstract class SequencerNodeReferenceX extends SequencerNodeReferenceCommon with InstanceReferenceX with SequencerNodeAdministrationGroupXWithInit
  85. class SimClockCommand extends AnyRef
  86. implicit class StringErrorEitherToCommandResultExtensions[A] extends AnyRef

    Turn an either where Left is a error message into a ConsoleCommandResult.

Deprecated Type Members

  1. trait CommandExecutionFailedException extends Throwable


    use CommandFailure or CantonInternalError instead.

Value Members

  1. def objectClassNameWithoutSuffix(c: Class[_]): String

    Strip the Object suffix from the name of the provided class

  2. object AdminCommandRunner
  3. object AmmoniteCacheLock
  4. object AmmoniteConsoleConfig extends LazyLogging with Serializable
  5. object BindingsBridge extends APIHolder[BindingsHolder]
  6. object CantonHealthAdministration
  7. object CantonHealthAdministrationEncoders
  8. object CommandErrors extends CommandErrorGroup
  9. object CommandSuccessful extends Serializable
  10. object ConsoleCommandResult
  11. object ConsoleEnvironment

    Expose a Canton environment.Environment in a way that's easy to deal with from a REPL.

  12. object ConsoleEnvironmentBinding
  13. object ConsoleMacros extends ConsoleMacros with NamedLogging
  14. object DebuggingHelpers extends LazyLogging
  15. object DomainManagerNodeReference
  16. object DomainReference
  17. object EnterpriseConsoleMacros extends EnterpriseConsoleMacros with NamedLogging
  18. object ExternalLedgerApiClient
  19. object FeatureFlag
  20. object HeadlessConsole extends NoTracing

    Creates an interpreter but with matching bindings to the InteractiveConsole for running scripts non-interactively

    Creates an interpreter but with matching bindings to the InteractiveConsole for running scripts non-interactively

  21. object Help

    User friendly help messages generator.

  22. object InteractiveConsole extends NoTracing

    Will create a real REPL for interactive entry and evaluation of commands

    Will create a real REPL for interactive entry and evaluation of commands

  23. object LocalInstancesExtensions
  24. object MediatorReference
  25. object MediatorReferenceX
  26. object ParticipantReference
  27. object ParticipantReferenceX
  28. object SequencerNodeReference
  29. object SequencerNodeReferenceX
  30. object StandardConsoleOutput extends ConsoleOutput

    Logs directly to stdout and stderr.

  31. object ThrowErrorHandler extends ConsoleErrorHandler

    Throws a CommandFailure or CantonInternalError when a command fails.

    Throws a CommandFailure or CantonInternalError when a command fails. The throwables do not have a stacktraces, to avoid noise in the interactive console.

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