package metrics

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Type Members

  1. class CommandMetrics extends AnyRef
  2. abstract class DatabaseMetricsFactory extends AnyRef
  3. class DbAlertMetrics extends AnyRef
  4. class DbQueueMetrics extends AnyRef
  5. class DbStorageMetrics extends AnyRef
    @GroupTag("canton.db-storage.<service>.executor", classOf[DbQueueMetrics])
  6. class ExecutionMetrics extends AnyRef
  7. class HealthMetrics extends MetricsGroup
  8. class IdentityProviderConfigStoreMetrics extends DatabaseMetricsFactory
  9. class IndexDBMetrics extends MainIndexDBMetrics with TransactionStreamsDbMetrics
  10. class IndexMetrics extends AnyRef
  11. class IndexedUpdatesMetrics extends AnyRef
  12. class IndexerMetrics extends AnyRef
  13. class LAPIMetrics extends AnyRef
  14. class LoadGauge extends AnyRef
  15. class MainIndexDBMetrics extends DatabaseMetricsFactory
  16. final class Metrics extends AnyRef
  17. final case class MetricsConfig(reporters: Seq[MetricsReporterConfig] = Seq.empty, reportJvmMetrics: Boolean = false, histograms: Seq[HistogramDefinition] = Seq.empty) extends Product with Serializable
  18. final case class MetricsFactory(reporters: Seq[Reporter], registry: MetricRegistry, reportJVMMetrics: Boolean, meter: Meter, factoryType: MetricsFactoryType) extends AutoCloseable with Product with Serializable
  19. sealed trait MetricsFactoryType extends AnyRef
  20. abstract class MetricsGroup extends AnyRef
  21. sealed trait MetricsPrefix extends AnyRef
  22. sealed trait MetricsReporterConfig extends AnyRef
  23. final case class MetricsSnapshot(timers: Map[String, Timer], counters: Map[String, Counter], gauges: Map[String, Gauge[_]], histograms: Map[String, Histogram], meters: Map[String, Meter], otelMetrics: Seq[MetricData]) extends Product with Serializable
  24. trait OnDemandMetricsReader extends AnyRef
  25. class OpenTelemetryOnDemandMetricsReader extends MetricReaderFactory with MetricReader with OnDemandMetricsReader
  26. class ParallelIndexerMetrics extends AnyRef
  27. class PartyRecordStoreMetrics extends DatabaseMetricsFactory
  28. class PruningMetrics extends AnyRef
  29. class SequencerClientMetrics extends AnyRef
  30. class ServicesMetrics extends AnyRef
  31. class TimedLoadGauge extends CloseableGauge
  32. implicit final class TimerExtensions extends AnyVal
  33. trait TransactionStreamsDbMetrics extends AnyRef
  34. class UserManagementMetrics extends DatabaseMetricsFactory

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