package http

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Package Members

  1. package admin
  2. package domain
  3. package endpoints
  4. package json
  5. package metrics
  6. package query
  7. package util

Type Members

  1. class CommandService extends NamedLogging with NoTracing
  2. class ContractsService extends NamedLogging with NoTracing
  3. class Endpoints extends NamedLogging with NoTracing
  4. final class HealthService extends AnyRef
  5. final case class HttpApiConfig(server: HttpServerConfig = HttpServerConfig(), websocketConfig: Option[WebsocketConfig] = None, allowInsecureTokens: Boolean = false, staticContent: Option[StaticContentConfig] = None, debugLoggingOfHttpBodies: Boolean = false) extends Product with Serializable
  6. class HttpService extends ResourceOwner[ServerBinding] with NamedLogging with NoTracing
  7. final case class JsonApiConfig(address: String = com.digitalasset.canton.cliopts.Http.defaultAddress, httpPort: Option[Int] = None, portFile: Option[Path] = None, staticContentConfig: Option[StaticContentConfig] = None, allowNonHttps: Boolean = false, wsConfig: Option[WebsocketConfig] = None, debugLoggingOfHttpBodies: Boolean = false) extends StartSettings with Product with Serializable
  8. final case class LedgerClientJwt(loggerFactory: NamedLoggerFactory) extends NamedLogging with NoTracing with Product with Serializable
  9. class MeteringReportService extends AnyRef
  10. class PackageManagementService extends AnyRef
  11. class PackageService extends NamedLogging with NoTracing
  12. class PartiesService extends AnyRef
  13. trait StartSettings extends AnyRef
  14. final case class StaticContentConfig(prefix: String, directory: File) extends Product with Serializable
  15. class WebSocketService extends NamedLogging with NoTracing
  16. final case class WebsocketConfig(maxDuration: FiniteDuration = WSC.DefaultMaxDuration, throttleElem: Int = WSC.DefaultThrottleElem, throttlePer: FiniteDuration = WSC.DefaultThrottlePer, maxBurst: Int = WSC.DefaultMaxBurst, mode: ThrottleMode = WSC.DefaultThrottleMode, heartbeatPeriod: FiniteDuration = WSC.DefaultHeartbeatPeriod) extends Product with Serializable
  17. class WebsocketEndpoints extends NamedLogging with NoTracing