Daml.Finance.Settlement - Changelog

Version 3.0.0

  • Update of SDK version and dependencies.
  • Removed the check for consistent settled holdings. Now, holdings of the same instrument don’t need identical templateTypeRep, instead they should share the same token standard (implementation variations are allowed).
  • For the Batch and Instruction templates, the requestors : Parties field got split up into an instructor : Party as maintainer of the Instruction key, and consenters : Parties as additional signatories.

Version 2.0.0

  • Update of SDK version and dependencies.
  • In the settlement Factory, the id values used for the Instruction`s were modified to accurately reflect their order within the `Batch.
  • In the Batch, the order of the settledCids were changed to match the initial order of the instructions in the batch.
  • Bug fix: replace groupOn by sortAndGroupOn in the Instruction and IntermediatedStatic templates.
  • Lock pledged holding when allocating to an Instruction: the pledged holding is locked to the instruction’s requestors and the outgoing controllers of the sending account.
  • Make use of the requires keyword to enforce the interface hierarchy (in particular the asDisclosure implementation was removed).
  • When an Allocation (resp. Approval) takes place, a check has been added to ensure that either the sender or the custodian (resp. the receiver or the custodian) is among the choice authorizers.
  • When reallocation (resp. re-approval) occurs, it is required that the signedSenders (resp. signedReceivers) of the Instruction are part of the authorizing set.
  • Add additional checks to the pass-through allocation/approval process. Specifically, verify that the specified pass-through Instruction is actually part of the Batch. These checks detect settlement failures during the allocation/approval stage rather than waiting until settlement occurs.
  • Removed the key from the Batch implementation.

Version 1.0.2

  • Dependencies update.

Version 1.0.1

  • Additional sanity checks added to Instruction.