This package implements templates containing reference data. It includes the following modules:

  • Numeric.Observation: An implementation of an observation that explicitly stores time-dependent numerical values on the ledger. It can be used to, e.g., store equity or rate fixings.
  • Reference.HolidayCalendar: A holiday calendar of an entity (typically an exchange or a currency)
  • Time.DateClock.Types: A date type which can be converted to time, and time-related utility functions
  • Time.DateClock: A contract specifying what is the current local date. It is used to inject date information in lifecycle processing rules
  • Time.DateClockUpdate: A contract representing passing of (market) time that can be used to trigger contractual, time-based effects, like interest payments on a bond. It is, for example, used to drive the evolution and lifecycling of Contingent Claims-based instruments.
  • Time.LedgerTime: A time observable which uses ledger time