Security and Privacy

For an HTTP JSON API server, all data is maintained by the operator of the deployment. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that the data abides by the necessary regulations and confidentiality expectations.

We recommend using the tools documented by PostgreSQL to protect data at rest, and using a secure communication channel between the HTTP JSON API server and the PostgreSQL server.

The HTTP JSON API server provides TLS support to protect data in transit and over untrusted networks. To enable TLS you must specify both the private key for your server and the certificate chain via the below config block that specifies the cert-chain-file, private-key-file. You can also set a custom root CA certificate that will be used to validate client certificates via the trust-collection-file parameter:

ledger-api {
  address = ""
  port = 6400
  tls {
    enabled = "true"
    // the certificate to be used by the server
    cert-chain-file = "cert-chain.crt"
    // private key of the server
    private-key-file = "pvt-key.pem"
    // trust collection, which means that all client certificates will be verified using the trusted
    // certificates in this store. if omitted, the JVM default trust store is used.
    trust-collection-file = "root-ca.crt"

Using the cli options (deprecated), you can specify tls options using``daml json-api –pem server.pem –crt server.crt``. Custom root CA certificate can be set via --cacrt ca.crt

For more details on secure Daml infrastructure setup please see this reference implementation