Managing SDK Versions

You can manage SDK versions manually by using daml install.

To download and install the SDK of the latest stable Daml version:

daml install latest

To download and install the latest snapshot release:

daml install latest --snapshots=yes

Please note that snapshot releases are not intended for production usage.

To install the SDK version specified in the project config, run:

daml install project

To install a specific SDK version, for example version 2.0.0, run:

daml install 2.0.0

Rarely, you might need to install an SDK release from a downloaded SDK release tarball. This is an advanced feature: you should only ever perform this on an SDK release tarball that is released through the official digital-asset/daml github repository. Otherwise your daml installation may become inconsistent with everyone else’s. To do this, run:

daml install path-to-tarball.tar.gz

By default, daml install will update the assistant if the version being installed is newer. You can force the assistant to be updated with --install-assistant=yes and prevent the assistant from being updated with --install-assistant=no.

See daml install --help for a full list of options.