Installing the SDK

1. Install the dependencies

The SDK currently runs on MacOS or Linux. For Windows support, we recommend installing the SDK on a virtual machine running Linux.

You need to install:

  1. Visual Studio Code.
  2. JDK 8 or greater.

2. Set up the SDK Assistant

The SDK is distributed via a command-line tool called the SDK Assistant. To install the SDK Assistant:

  1. Download the latest installer for your platform:

    The SDK is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license (NOTICES).

  2. Run the installer:

    sh ./da-cli-<version>.run
  3. Follow the instructions in the output to update your PATH.

  4. Run da setup, which will download and install the SDK.

3. Configure Maven

To use the Java bindings (and to follow the quickstart guide), you need to install Maven and configure it to use the Digital Asset repository:

  1. Install Maven.
  2. Download settings.xml.
  3. Copy the downloaded file to ~/.m2/settings.xml. If you already have ~/.m2/settings.xml, integrate the downloaded file with it instead.

Next steps