Next Steps

Now that you have completed this introduction to the Daml smart contract language, where do you go next? It depends on what you would like to do with Daml:

  • What you have learned so far should be enough to enable to you become a certified Daml modeler. You can test your skills at Daml certifications.
  • If you want to improve your understanding of proven design patterns, you can learn more at the Patterns page.
  • If you’re interested in building off-ledger services that interact and integrate with your on-ledger Daml models, read the “Building Applications” section.
  • If you’re interested in understanding how to install, operate and maintain a production-grade Daml ledger, you can have a look at the Canton user manual.
  • If you want to build Daml applications in a fully-managed environment that handles the day-to-day operation of your Daml ledger for you, you can start right away on Daml Hub.
  • If you want want to see more examples of Daml applications to understand what is possible with Daml, we have a a library full of examples for you to study.