Run Assistant Commands

Terminal command completion

The daml assistant comes with support for bash and zsh completions. These are installed automatically on Linux and Mac when you install or upgrade the Daml assistant.

If you use the bash shell, and your bash supports completions, you can use the TAB key to complete many daml commands, such as daml install and daml version.

For Zsh you first need to add ~/.daml/zsh to your $fpath, e.g., by adding the following to the beginning of your ~/.zshrc before you call compinit: fpath=(~/.daml/zsh $fpath)

You can override whether bash completions are installed for daml by passing --bash-completions=yes or --bash-completions=no to daml install.

Run commands outside of the project directory

In some cases, it can be convenient to run a command in a project without changing directories. For that use case, you can set the DAML_PROJECT environment variable to the path to the project:

DAML_PROJECT=/path/to/my/project daml build

Note that while some commands, most notably, daml build, accept a --project-root option, it can end up choosing the wrong SDK version so you should prefer the environment variable instead.