System Requirements

Unless otherwise stated, all Daml runtime components require the following:

  1. For development, an x86-compatible system running a modern Linux, Windows, or MacOS operating system
  2. For production deployment, an x86-compatible system running a modern Linux operating system
  3. Java 11 or later
  4. An RDBMS system, either:
  • PostgreSQL 11.17-15 (12+ recommended)


  • Oracle Database 19.11 or later

  1. JDBC drivers compatible with your RDBMS

In terms of hardware requirements, minimal deployments running simple Daml applications are regularly tested with as little as 2 GB of memory and access to a single, shared vCPU.

Feature/Component System Requirements

The JavaScript client libraries are tested on Node 14.18.3 with TypeScript compiler 4.5.4. For best results, use these or later versions.