This module contains the type for non-empty lists so we can give it a stable package id. This is reexported from DA.NonEmpty so you should never need to import this module.

Data Types

data NonEmpty a

NonEmpty is the type of non-empty lists. In other words, it is the type of lists that always contain at least one element. If x is a non-empty list, you can obtain the first element with x.hd and the rest of the list with x.tl.


Field Type Description
hd a  
tl [a]  

instance Foldable NonEmpty

instance Action NonEmpty

instance Applicative NonEmpty

instance Semigroup (NonEmpty a)

instance IsParties (NonEmpty Party)

instance Traversable NonEmpty

instance Functor NonEmpty

instance Eq a => Eq (NonEmpty a)

instance Ord a => Ord (NonEmpty a)

instance Show a => Show (NonEmpty a)